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Smile my love
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Smile my love

Hello I am pretty new to this. I need help picking out themes, and I always want to use more pictures than just a few so I end up using too many. Can anyone help me?

Here are a few of my unfinished projects cause I dont know where to go next, or which products to use. /3016931/...

Thank you so much in advance,

Henri Jean
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Henri Jean
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You have lovely pictures.

I would look at the number of pictures you want to use, then go to the gallery or though scrapbook magazines and find layouts with that number of pictures and try to recreate those layouts.

That is what I do all the time. However, once you start then you will get your own ideas of how you want it to look and start doing it the way you want.

There are some very advanced s'bookers I go to crops with and they even have pictures of layouts they want and use those for ideas.

I watch them pull out the photos for the layouts - and if it is 3 photos they go through the books or cards for layouts with 3 photos and follow them.

I think it would be nice to add a journaling block to explain the pictures. Later you won't remember the little details.

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when I started scrapbooking, I used a 'recipe' book by Close To My Heart called Reflections. Like Henri Jean said, I would find a layout that had the same number of pics...and follow their instructions to create a lo. Eventually I became comfortable enough to put the book aside.

There was also a book called "Scrapbooking Made Easy" by Simple Scrapbooks, that was really helpful. It is an older book that goes over basic design principles. (like the visual triangle)

You can probably find it used on Ebay or Amazon or

For your pages, I think matting your pics would be good. And having them touch or overlap a bit so they are not so spread apart, or connecting them with an embellishment that touches both of them. Really like the suggestion of journaling.

Flowers make great embellishments, they come in so many colors and they 'go' with just about anything. I even used them on a pic of my son's Police Academy graduation run...just put some ink on my shoe and stepped on them to make them more 'rugged'..ha!

And the best way to develop your style is to 'do it'... look around websites, magazines and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Afterall, there are no mistakes in scrapbooking only opportunities to embellish.

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i recommend looking in the gallery. you can change the search to show LOs with a certain number of pics on them. that might help.

and come check out my challenges. (links in my siggy) i have them for a variety number of pics on a LO. that might help you.

another thing you could do is start laying other pp and embellies near the pics. after you arrange something you like, then glue it down.

good luck!

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In response to Lamoo12

You have a good just need some embellishments! Add some flowers, ribbons, rub ons, stickles, ect.

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I think you are definitely on the right page! I agree with some of the ladies, I would recommend overlapping your pics a bit to keep them together and flowing....for sure some journaling (if you don't like your writing as most of us don't you can print something off your computer).

I'm not a fan of stickers but they are a simple and easy way to jazz up a page. I would recommend finding some tutorials on youtube on how to make your own embelishments or buy some scrapbooking magazines. Your local library may even have some you could check out without putting the money upfront!

Page Maps are also a great way to design a page. You can personalize them to suit your pictures and style but they still flow together really nicely.

Page Maps

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