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Hey there! I'm new.

I started playing with scrapbooking a few years back, but never really got into it and didn't really enjoy it. I didn't know where to start or what gear I needed, my handwriting is atrocious, and I don't really have a good "eye" for design and stuff. I had a baby last July and a friend turned me on to Project Life, which--thank god she did! Because I'd have a ton of photos on my hands just sitting lonely in boxes, never to be seen again. Woe.

So I am using PL for my family scrapbook, and I have a baby book for my son. That's more than enough for me right now in terms of current photos. But I also have two projects that I would love to revisit some time and actually make work, and they are:

1. My wedding album (which was started in a Creative Memories album and kit that I never really cared for at all)

2. My "Pre Baby Adventure Album" (Which is also a CM album, the kind with the 4x6 photo pockets. I'm ok with that one.)

My questions are this:

1. What is a good place to start in terms of working on a wedding album? What are some good papers/lines that are clean, elegant, and hopefully come with kits I can use for inspiration. I've got a 7 month old and no time to really get into hardcore stuff right now. I'd love some product recommendations from some seasoned pros!

2. I need a wedding album. Ideally I would like a narrow-spine one, but most of the ones I've found are so wide... I can't imagine I will have more than about 20 pages for my album. Again: Any product recommendations?

The things I don't like about the CM binder and kit are: It sits weird on my shelf; it's impossible to move pages around; the kit is mostly beige, soft pastels, colors I don't like at all and don't really go with my wedding; the kit featured mainly journaling (which, being that I got married 6 years ago I'll be dipped if I can remember any specific journal-worthy elements and even if I did, my handwriting is ********) and lots of "Two become One" sort of phrases in boxes. I don't so much care for other people's words. As you can see I have enough words of my own, ha ha!

Ok thanks everybody, I really appreciate your help! I am still so new and not sure what to get. Thanks!

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Henri Jean
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Welcome to the boards.

I would start by going to your local scrapbook store or even one of the box stores and walking down the isles and looking at the books and seeing what you like.

Most come with 10 pages or protectors in them which holds 20 layouts. You will see all that when you look at them. I'm sure you will find something exactly in the colors and style you are looking for.

I understand about the journaling - almost impossible when I try to go back and do it!

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You can also do a gallery search here to see if there are any layouts that you like. Maybe pick your color palate that way. I like to use lots of white bazzill cardstock, that way I can go in any direction color wise. Best wishes!

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You are in the right place. The neat thing about this site is that you can go into the gallery and search for wedding LO's and get some inspiration. The LO's you like, you can put them in your favorites so you can go back and look at them. I would decide what color palate I wanted and make my own kit.

Lot's of black and white LO's and papers right now (or black and cream). I'm thinking about starting with that, and then adding one color for pop. I was married on Dec 26th, so red is the color I would do, but your main wedding color?

If not, there are loads of lovely romantic papers right now. And loads of embellishment for weddings too so you really don't have to "make" anything unless you want to.

Most post bound albums are narrow, but get about as thick as you want them to by adding pages and post extenders.

Have Fun!

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I agree there are so many options on the market for wedding theme especially now with the wedding "season" approaching.

I second CrimsonMama on looking in the stores but also so a search and browse this store as well.

In the gallery I have seen some amazing wedding layouts that were done in very non traditional wedding papers. It might help not to limi yourself to just Wedding themed but finding papers that you love and can't wait to use. You might want to also take a couple pictures with you to judge colors as well.

Good luck and welcome back, look forward to seeing what you will do.

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