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Hi everyone. After surfing this site for a while I finally decided to join. I'm not totally new to scrapbooking but have a lot to learn.

I started scrapbooking shortly after the birth of my first grandchild. I have now been blessed with two precious granddaughters. So far I have only scrapbooked pictures of my grandchildren. Now I want to start with pictures of my 3 daughters. This is my question: my oldest are twins soon to be 40 years old and my youngest if 28. Needless to say I have tons of pictures and I'm at a loss as to how best to scrap them. Should I combine birthdays together, holidays, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the site!
I'm sort of in the same situation right now. I'm working on a scrapbook with my BF for his mom and we went through at least a thousand photos, more when you count the digital ones! We have at least 300 pictures sorted on my table right now.

We started by sorting them by kid, and then combinations of kids. We did keep the holidays out though.

I think when we actually start to scrap them its going to be somewhat organized chaos. Hopefully it ends up somewhat chronological. We found that there are just to many to sort into themes.

Good luck with your project, I can understand the major task you're getting yourself into!!

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the answer to your question is,,,,,

do it any way you want to! There's no rules!

don't buy into the "being caught up" trap,,,,there's always more pics, you will NEVER be caught up, so just relax and enjoy it!

I'd pick a few pics that "speak" to you,,,,that you love, or can remember some great memories with and start there!

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I recommend starting with the more recent first and working backwards. That way it is not so overwhelming.

Also, I organize and put photos in order and then in file folders in chrono order (the way I scrap but not everyone does).

Like Holly says, no rules. Do it the way you want. Sometimes I will think for days about how I want to organize my books and then change my mind so its whatever you want to do. Not much help, huh?

I have books from when my husband and I were teenagers - some day I will make those pages and put them in front of our first scrapbook.

I really started scrapping when we started dating again in 2007 and from that point on, I have kept up. To some thats a big deal, to others, it is not. To me it is.

But I have no idea when I will go back and catch up the older stuff.

And Holly is right about catching up - I do occasionally get completely caught(except for that teenage book) but then my husband and I take a trip and I'm swamped again.

If I were scrapping your projects, I would do a book for each daughter and just go chronologically but I'm not always right. (Don't tell my husband.)

But I would start by putting the pictures in order and making manilla files of the first 10 or 15 pages and then do those and then organize 10 or 15 more and do those and move to the next ones.

Works for me but for you its just an idea. You have to figure out how you work best.

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My scrapbooks are chronological, but I don't do my pictures in any kind of order...I do them by what I feel like doing. Yesterday, I was working on a layout with photos from 2007. Today, I am working on a photo of my grandmother from 1979. I also don't have a goal of being, "all caught up." My goal is to enjoy creating beautiful layouts that showcase my wonderful family.

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Thanks everyone for your helpful advice. Now I have to get my photos in order...that's gonna be quite a feat!

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I started scrapping when my girls were grown so I came to the conclusion early on that I wouldn't be able to scrapbook every photo I have. I pretty much do it randomly by focusing my favorite photos. I bought a different coordinating set of scrapbooks for each of my girls and as I scrap their childhood photos I just put them in their own scrapbooks. It seems to work this way for me and keeping them separate will someday make it easier for them after I'm long gone.

I also have separate books for myself. One for my wedding photos, one for vacations, one for layouts of me and my friends, etc. What can I say, it's an addiction. LOL!

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If you scrap whatever feels good to you, you can't go wrong. I have been scrapping since my children were babies and have completed several family albums. I tried doing separate albums for each child, but it was too stressfull. So now, I just do family ones. It's what works for me. And, I am never caught up.

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