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Hi, My name is Gina. I'm a mom to eight kids and an avid scrapbooker/stamper. My dream is to help the people in Haiti, and I decided to do it by inventing things that I need which aren't already on the market. One of my biggest frustrations was trying to stamp words on my cards and then I'd discover one of my kids had lost a letter, or I simply got frustrated scrounging around for the one I wanted. So I decided to design a gadget that put all the letters of the Alphabet on a single chain, all connected together so you never loose one, and they are always in order. I've been working on the development for the last 5 years and now its ready to go to market! Woo Hoo! Big cheer! I went to China in February to see the factory where they will be made and make sure everything is ready to go with all the last minute kinks worked out. It was so cool to see the machines and the people who will be manufacturing and assembling this new product. Now I'm doing a crowdfunding project where anyone can get involved in launching the product and in exchange you get to be the first to own one of these cool gadgets before they are ever on store shelves. You can check it out at . On that site there is a video that shows how it works. I don't know how I'm ever going to reach my goal because I need $39,000.00 just to place my first order, but I'm praying that it happens so I can drill a well in Haiti, over and over and over. If you know of someone who likes to stamp or scrapbook, tell them about it. I thank you in advance for helping me spread the word.

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