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I have been trying to find a postal reg template because I make a LOT of cards for an organization called Operation Write Home. It is an organization that provides handmade greeting cards for the troops overseas. "There are no card stores in Kabul" for them to send cards home to family.
The cards must be regulation size and thickness.
Thanks to some of you, I have tried every post office in my area to get a template.
Many of the postal workers even showed me the template I wanted but said they couldn't give it to me or sell it to me nor was I allowed to photocopy it.

I am not one to give up! So I got online .

I dug around looking for the template. I found several, but they were either adjusted, resized or notes were stuck over the original lettering. There were a few perfect ones, but to download them you needed a premium membership ($$$).
However, I have found one and I want to share the link with you.

You do not have to pay for this template. It downloads as a PDF file. Most computers these days have some sort of PDF reader on them. If yours does not, Adobe has a free reader (Adobe Reader XI) you can download.

I printed mine on 2 pieces of card stock and taped it together (it measures bigger than letter size paper), at first, then I used my craft knife and cut out the shaded 1/4" slot. After using that card stock template so much it got really ragged.

I made printed another copy at the darkest setting on regular paper and whipped out one of my dollar store flexible cutting mats, (These come 2 in a pack for $1, I use them A LOT! Cricut cutting mats, dividers for my homemade Cropper Hopper Paper Holders, which are made from something else at the PO, dividers that actually last for my stamp inventory binder, etc. They cut easily and are weirdly flexible but stiff at the same time!).

I placed the paper under the cutting mat making sure the smooth side of the mat was facing up, taping them both down and using a ruler and black marker I drew all of the lines onto the mat, I cut out the slot and ran a piece of vellum through my printer with all of the printed info from the template, cut it out, ran it through my Xyron and placed the printing on the mat.

I now have a reusable template similar to the PO's with the exact same information on it!

I hope this helps anyone who has been wanting a copy of the template.

You can find the free, downloadable template at Link here

Just FYI, if you are low on un-earmarked cash as I am, the dollar store is the place for you. I use Dazzles & Starforms a lot on my cards. You can buy through the HOTP website a expandable folder for Dazzles for over $5 or you can go to the $store and get a "check" holder for $1 and it holds the long sheets of Dazzles perfectly. For $5 I got 5 of these folders to separate all sorts of stickers. Hope this helps the thrifty among us!

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That is GREAT! I am happy for you to be able to create exactly what you needed! I guess I just lucked out when the PO lady gave me my template. People can maybe use cardboard from an old cereal box to make one or if anybody is really serious a piece of thinner plywood could be cut to size to make one too!
**You are awesome for helping Operation Write Home! It is a neat program for the Military so they can keep in contact with their families with fun and unique cards. Plus fun for those of us who love to make cards!!
** I love the $ store for all kinds of supplies! Makes it so easy to give somebody a gift basket with kitchen tools(spatula, thermometer, big spoons, big milk cups, dish towels and wash rags) and then put in a jar of homemade cookie mix or cake mix with a ribbon and directions tied to it!! Cool for Holidays but I love to do that for new brides or people moving out of Parent's home for the first time. Got off subject I know...I wish MY $ store had scrap book papers tho. I used to live by other ones that did but when I moved here NOBODY in any $ store has scrap papers (I think they were called Miss Elizabeth's) Maybe I need to investigate more of them when I can get driving again. I am snowed in here so tomorrow will be spent shoveling snow Could be worse tho, we could have 12 feet instead of 3-4!!

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Great info and I too love the dollar store.

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