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The Swaps area at is one of the highlights of the Neighborhood. We maintain a "hands off" approach to the swaps area of the board. All neighbors at are free to participate and organize swaps, but the neighbors must understand that they are "swapping at their own risk." neither endorses nor moderates swaps. [b]This means that if you don't get what you expect, or don't get anything at all, we cannot do anything about it.[/b]

Although does not get involved in the workings of swaps, we have had in the past, circumstances that have forced our hand at setting some ground rules. We expect and appreciate all the neighbors at to abide by these rules.

On the next page of this post, you will find a message called How to Host or Participate in a Scrapbooking Swap, written by President, Jill Davis. We highly recommend you read this article.

[i]"The Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have others do unto you) is a swappers motto. It's a good thing to remember that each participant has their own style and taste (if you are swapping layouts or cards) and you may get finished products that you wouldn't normally choose for yourself. That's the fun and variety of a swap!" [/i]

Please remember that others don't always have the same taste that you do. If a person is sending out items that are not to your taste or your standards, that's just the way things are. As long as a person is correctly participating and sending you what they have said that they would, then there should be no issue. This is what makes swaps exciting and also what makes them risky. Again, "Swap at your own risk."

[b]Please also remember the following:

Swap unto others, as you would have others swap unto you.

- Be civil, understanding and kind.
- If you aren't going to be able to complete a swap on time, don't participate.
- Comply with your commitments.
- Participate at your own risk.
- Do not post negative comments about other neighbors.
- If you are having a problem with somebody, contact them on your own. In most cases, it's just a misunderstanding.
- Do not post inflammatory comments about other neighbors. reserves the right to ban users from all participation at for inflammatory comments.
- If you are going to be late with a swap, let someone know. It's important to keep your word.
- We strongly recommend that all problems and issues be resolved directly among the neighbors through email or private messages (PMs). If you have a problem with a particular user and feel that other users should be warned about them, you must communicate this through PM or through email.
- There will be no tolerance for negative comments regarding the types of things you receive back in a swap. If you are not happy with the items you receive back, please feel free to communicate that through private emails or private messages. Any threads or posts made that are felt to be un-neighborly by the moderators or administrators of will be removed entirely. [/b]

If a hostess of a swap posted at does not return swaps items that they have committed to send, you can send an anonymous email to [Email][email protected][/Email] Please include the hostess' user name, the title of the swap, and the link to the message thread, if possible. We will investigate the situation and do our best to rectify the situation. This is not an email address to report flakers. This should be used only as a last resort. If you have a flaker in your swap, you would expect the hostess of the swap to handle that issue themselves. This is an email address for NON-COMPLIANCE messages only. All other complaints will be ignored and deleted. may ban users from the swaps area of for non-compliance. We don't anticipate ever having to do this, but we reserve the right if it becomes necessary. These decisions will be made at executive discretion and without announcement or warning. is known for its special, warm atmosphere and for the neighborhoods' general self-governance. We don't anticipate this changing. If, however, we feel that the swap board is creating more problems and maintenance than is reasonable, we will have no choice but to close the area.

McKane Davis

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In response to Megan - ForumTech

How to Host or Participate in a Scrapbook Swap
By: Jill Davis

Swaps are a fun way to get completed layouts or cards, punches from punches you don't own, die cuts, stamped images, page elements, theme elements, etc. The types of swaps are limited only to the imagination of the hostesses who host them. Here's how a swap works...

A hostess decides what her swap will be. She types the swap name, conditions and requirements of the swap and posts them on the "Swaps" section of For instance, if you want to obtain baby die cuts that aren't available to you, participating in this swap could prove to be fun and beneficial to you.

Let's just say you are going to hostess a Baby Die Cuts in Pastel Colors swap and limit the swap to ten people. The first ten who sign-up after you post will each make or purchase ten OF THE SAME baby die cut (that they choose) and mail them to you, the hostess. Sort each of the groups of ten of, the same die, into new groups of 10 containing one die from each of the ten participants. You're then responsible to send the newly swapped dies back to each participant who has provided you with return postage and a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE).

The hostess can get her items free for hosting the swap or she can participate like everyone else. All conditions of the swap should be in print at the beginning of the swap. It is common courtesy and swap etiquette to complete a swap if you host or sign up for one.

The Golden Rule - do unto others as you would have others do unto you- is a swapper's motto. It's a good thing to remember that each participant has their own style and taste and you may get finished products that you wouldn't normally choose for yourself. That's the fun and variety of a swap! Most scrapbookers want only acid free products in their albums. Please use "safe" products in your swapping. You will also meet new people and obtain products, supplies and ideas you wouldn't be able to get otherwise.

I have participated and hosted numerous swaps from theme scrapbook layouts to cards. I can honestly say that it's much easier to participate in a swap than to host. If you should find problems with a swap, be kind and polite in your correspondence to the hostess. She has no control over the ideas and quality you receive from other swappers. The name of a quality swapper is known throughout a swapping community. The same is true of someone who uses acid cardstocks and papers or cuts corners on any other materials. Those who swap this way will soon find that once they host or sign up to participate in swaps, few, if any will join them.

You may, after participating in a few swaps, find swappers with a style similar to yours.

One word of caution. Pace yourself with swapping. It's easy to say you'll participate and sometimes difficult to meet your commitment with the regular and unexpected demands of life. Be sensible in your approach. You know your own limits and schedule.

Here's a sample format for a swap and its first bulletin board post:

Swap Name: Baby Die Cuts in Pastel Cardstock Colors (no paper please)
Hostess Name: Virginia Redding
E-mail address: [Email][email protected][/Email]
Quantity: 2" to 5" Pastel Cardstock Baby Die Cuts. Minimum of 20 participants. Maximum to be determined by sign-ups. PLEASE USE ONLY ACID FREE CARDSTOCK!
Sign up Deadline: July 15th - When you sign-up please let me know the type of die cut you will be sending (buggy, pacifier, paper doll baby, bonnet, diaper pin, etc.), the color (pink, blue, mint, yellow, white, etc.) and the name of the company that made the die (AccuCut, Sizzix, Ellison, <a href='" target="blank">QuicKutz</a>, etc.). The scrapbook store where you cut your shapes will know company names if you don't. I will post a list of dies being swapped every few days so we won't have duplicates. First come, first served.

You may sign-up for more than one die, just list them as 1, 2 and 3 on your sign-up post and be ready to send all that you sign up for. You will get one of each of the dies you sent in return with this swap.

***POSTMARK DATE***: Dies are due at my home no later than August 1st.

Postage Requirements: Your swaps should be mailed in a QUART size ziplock plastic bag in case of inclement weather. Please put an address label on the bag with the number of dies enclosed written on the bag (this keeps me from having to count and recount them!). Then choose one of the following postage options:
For 20 or 50 dies, up to 1.5lbs - $3.85

For two swappers dies together please make sure that you send sufficient postage.

Also include a Priority Mailing label filled out with my address (VIRGINIA'S) IN THE RETURN ADDRESS SPACE. PLEASE PUT THIS LABEL AND YOUR RETURN PRIORITY STAMP IN A SEPARATE SMALL ZIPLOC BEFORE PUTTING THE SMALL ZIPLOC IN THE LARGE ZIPLOC WITH THE DIES. I will supply the return Priority Mail box. Please DO NOT send me an envelope or box that is already addressed and stamped!!!

(Please note that some hostesses will reuse the Priority Box that came to them. That's the hostesses choice).

Send a SASE (again -make sure it's big enough for your returned dies) with as much postage as it took to get to me plus TWO extra 22 cent stamps. If I don't need the stamps they will be returned to you. Also, don't ask me to reuse your envelope please unless it is a really super strong or padded one. Most regular manila envelopes are pretty beat up by the time they come through the mail and shouldn't be used again. PLEASE TAPE YOUR BOX OR ENVELOPE CLOSED!!

Hostess Mailing Address: 1234 Happy Valley Road
Paradise Valley, AZ 62110

Dies will be sorted and returned on or before August 14th. Swapping is an exciting aspect of scrapbooking or card making.

Successful swaps are those where the hostess is specific in her requests and also sends out weekly reminders. There you have it: Your guide to successful swapping! Good luck and have fun!

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