Username Post: Any Anchorage (AK) scrappers?        (Topic#1370666)
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Just checking to see how many scrappers from Anchorage or Bird Creek, Indian, Girdwood, Eagle River, Chugiak... you get the picture... are out there. Would anyone be interested in a crop? I want some scrap buddies.

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In response to AK_Carter

Are you still in Anchorage AK and still scrapping? Do you have the cricut machine?

  • Anonymous on 08-21-10 09:27 AM
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Hey ,

It is nice to see another Alaskan scrappers. The Alaska site is pretty quiet. I'm in Anchorage are you? No I don't have a cricut but I have asked Santa for one.

Do you have a scrap group? Since we don't have a SB store anymore, I was hoping a group would get together somewhere. I would offer my house but it is soooooo small.

Welcome to the site and I know you will find lots of creativity here.


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