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tina c
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tina c

I have read debates about this on many sites and many I ask Queen Kat Designs .
They told me ...
"Hi Tina. Yes, it's ok to use Stazon on clear stamps (real acrylic stamps, not the pressed plastic) It is NOT ok however to use Stazon Cleaner on them. The cleaner will eat your stamps faster than you can buy a new set! The cleaner will break down the chemicals and your stamp will turn into mush. I found out the hard way with an expensive CTMH set and when I started making stamps, I experimented with it. HTH."

So I figured I should pass this on.

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Oh my, thanks for sharing I just started stamping and bought the Stazon Cleaner at the advice of my LSS. Thanks for the info!

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Hi Gals,
I am a consultant for CTMH and have to disagree with the above advice given. Our company sells stazon ink and the cleaner and I have personally used both on my clear CTMH stamps and have had no problems. After I use the cleaner I always rinse with water before I put them away possibly making the difference with why I have not had any problems. I would be leary of any clear stamp sets made in China as they are poor quality. Our company also does not want you to use soap as it can deteriorate you stamps.
Take Care,

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You can't use any cleaner on any of your clear stamps that contain alcohol and I beleive Stazon cleaner does.

So beware when you by the cleaning spritzs.

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