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Hello everyone, I'm a pretty new scrap-booker. I have several silly questions to ask:

1. If some papers or flowers are no names, how could you know they are acid free? Test them by a ph testing pen? Where can I get a ph testing pen?

2. How to use felt fusion? Is it similar to a sticker? What's the difference between felt fusion and felt frenzy?

3. What do you use chipboard for?

Do you buy everything that is acid free? It's important that they are acid free?

Thank you very much.

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1. Yes, use a pH testing pen. I don't so I have no clue where to get one.

2. It's pretty much just a felt sticker. Felt Fusion is in rolls. Felt Frenzy are just small flowers.

3. Letters, embellishments... as the base of albums.

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In response to CMLeach

What she said.

And here's a ph testing pen...
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Thank you CMLeach and rabbit for the answers.
It's very helpful.

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