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Hi all. I'm looking for a good printer to buy to use mainly for scrapbooking. I want something that will print pictures (occasionally), transparencies, etc. I'm looking at a Hewlett Packard Photosmart C8180. It's one of those all in one printers. I just wanted some opinions before I bought it (it's $359.00). Thanks


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I have a Canon Selphy and I would be completely lost without it. It's just a photo printer and the quality is equal to what I get from a developer. It will print 4X6, 2X3, wallets and even smaller. It will also add a boarder. Some love it, and some don't. It's just a cheaper option. HTH

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I use my regular printer (HP F380) for pretty much everything, and have the Epson picture mate for pictures 4x6 and smaller. I went this way because I already had a printer, and the other one was only $50-100. I really like the picture mate, the pictures come out awesome.
As for full size printers, I hear canon and epson are the best brands. If I could afford the epson 1800, I would totally get that one. It does 12x12 size, and pictures.
HTH. Good luck shopping!

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I have a HP 7310 All-In-One. It scans and prints 13" long by 8 1/2" wide. This enables me to scan half my 12x12" pages, then the other half. I then send the two halves to my ArcSoft software for stitching. I have had this all-in-one for three years and have not had one problem. As for photo printing, I send most of my photo printing to on-line services. When I do use my printer for photo printing, it does a good job, but getting the right color can sometimes be a problem. I do print a lot of color brochures for shelter fund-raising and it does an excellent job on all types of paper.

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I just bought the Canon Pixma MP970. It was extremely easy to set up and start using. I've only had it printing things for two days now and without any playing with settings my 3 by 5 and 4 by 6 pictures are about 80% as good as what I get back from Ritz. The smaller contact sheets are grainy and have some minor banding issues, but I have not yet had time to play with settings. My hope was to get the pictures I have at home to look about 90% as good as Ritz - I could then use the photos for the grandparent books, and save the best prints for the books that stay in my house.

We have tried the scanner as well and have had good luck with it, too. Next to try is the copier and printing out some text, as well as transparencies.

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