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canadian_ newbie
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canadian_ newbie

At a CTMH gathering I hosted I ordered the hostess 2 collection and included was an acrylic ablum - how to you make a clear album without the messy look of seeing the back of the pictures on the other side.

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Thats supposed to be part of the "fun" of an acrylic album. You have to plan both sides of the page--double sided pp is perfect for this type of project.

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Yeah.. I agree.. double sided paper works very well. Or, you can also cut duplicate shapes and glue them on each side .. that way, you can even hide the Glue Lines .....

I used double-side paper on the circles:
Berry Good Together Gift Album (pg 5, 6)
the backside:
Berry Good Together Gift Album (pg 7, 8)

I glued 2 different cup-cakes on the 2 pages just to add a little variety.

On the last page, it is actually a double sided journal page.

On this album, I used single side paper, but I cut duplicates and glue them on the other side of the clear page:

Love Clear Album - Pg 6 & 7

and the other side (the 2 rectangles):
Love Clear Album - Pg 8 & 9

Coastie Wife
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Coastie Wife
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Shirley, Those are gorgeous!!!

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Like Shirley said, I've covered the other side with paper but usually I just leave it as is, with the glue showing and all.

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I just cover the back of the photo with PP before adhering to the page.

Colorado Acrylic Album - Page 4
By ScrappyJedi

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Thanks for all these tips!! I have an acrylic album sitting in a drawer just waiting for me to scrap it! You have all given me great ideas!

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You can paint them,use alcohol and staz on inks,even glitter them...

Acrylic tag mini brag album
By Byondbzr

These two acrylic album pgs 7-8
By Byondbzr

Happy Halloween acrylic album
By Byondbzr

At the beach acrylic album
By Byondbzr

At the beach acrylic album pgs 5-6
By Byondbzr

Hot stuff acrylic recipe album
By Byondbzr

Hot stuff acrylic album pgs 1-2
By Byondbzr

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