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i want to make a book with photos what is the best way to get them to stay in place its a memorial for my aunt

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there are many great adhesives out there for purchase to do exactly what you are looking for!

i attached a couple but just search the superstore and they will show you tons of kinds to choose from... hope this helps!

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If you don't get the adhesive from this site, make sure the kind you buy is acid free. It might be labeled archival also. If not, it might harm your pictures over the long run.

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You could also choose to use photo corners... so that you can remove the photo from the book as well. I did this with some photos in my Dad's "Life" Album since copying them wasn't legal. These can come in clear or various colors and a few different sizes. Some are just for decoration and added on top of the photos, I am of course referring to a pocketed design instead.

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