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So, My boyfriend and I decided to make Christmas presents this year for eachother. Since I am a packrat and save every concert ticket, movie stub and playbill I decided I would make a scrapbook for him. I brainstormed and came up with themes for all of my pages and made a list of things to buy so I wouldn't get distracted and go overboard. (It happened anyway since my lss(Look! I'm learning already!) had a huge sale of 10 for a dollar paper.)

OK, so for one of my pages I was going to put a bunch of movie tickets and some photobooth photos on it. I wanted to get movie themed stickers to add a little more visual interest. But alas, I cannot find them anywhere. Granted, I have not yet looked at a Michael's or AC Moore.

Finally the question, has anyone ever seen a movie theater themed set of stickers anywhere? And where do you tend to go for those hard to find sticker themes? I checked the store on here and got kind of overwhelmed and found it hard to navigate.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on.


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I found stickers at J's- it's got a film reel, movie stubs, bucket of popcorn, and something I can't remember.

I make a book a year for my DH- right now I'm a year behind and in another 2 months- I'll be 2 years behind! OMG! I need to get caught up!

Let me know if you can't find the stickers- I might have some kicking around I can send your way.

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I just purchased some brads that are shaped like popcorn, so you shouldn't have any problem finding stickers.

Good luck!

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I've also seen paper cut to look like the frames of a picture reel. I've seen them at BL's and from CM.

see the products below for more ideas...

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If you can't find stickers, you could probably find images online to print and cut out?

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