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Hello everyone-

i'm 12 & this Christmas i decided that i should make a Scrapbook for my family.
we went to yosemite and i thought i would like to capture the memorys.
I got a 12x12 book. and I have all the paper.
and i think all the alphabet stickers i need.
I still need to get winterey types of stamps, ice skates, snow, etc.
I just need to go do the photos.
and than here is my question. what type of adhesive do i use ?
i have seen in bold words " NO GLUE STICKS!"
anything cheap? I am on a budget. I have around $20left to spend. my pictures will be about $8.50
and than i still need to get types of stickers.
i'm gonna pray that Target has cheap ones!
and also, the adhesive thing.
I know my aunt always uses a type of like roller.
and it seems to have stuff on the back that goes on to it.
& i can only spend about $4-5 on one.
so yeah, please give me ideas!
thank yall soo much !

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I love comes with a dispenser (11.00) but if your on a tighter budget....just get the refills (6.00) (target sells them)....and just take one off at a time...
Hope it helps?

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I prefer thin double-sided tape. It works for photos and paper, and it's not expensive. Ask for scrapbook safe variety.

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I have a few (as in very few) items left over from a scrapbook I made for a vacation we took in Vail, Colorado. I have some snowflake brads, a small fireplace sticker, etc. Not much, but if you would like them, or think you can use them, let me know a mailing address via pm and I'll be happy to send them to you.

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thanks so much for the tips!

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I use these things called zots they are Glue Dots ... safe for photos but they are meant really sticken those photos down. Or photo corner adhesive... acid free and safe for photos And definetly in your price range!!!

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Glue Dots or Diamond Glaze is great for plastic, glass, ribbon, or chipboard pieces (normal glue is too think for this)

Brads are great for vellum

Tabs or liquid glue or great for photos

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umm ive used glue sticks on some of my pages? it didn't turn out bad. so if it comes down to that... don't feel bad. OR dollar tree, if you have one near you, has a scrapbooking section. ALSO if you have an ac moore or michaels, they have Coupons for 40% or 50% off one regular priced item, if you find an item you want, and its not on sale, USE THE COUPON!!!

Good luck with the scrapbook =)

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If you're not planning on removing your pictures and would like a little forgiveness time between the time you put the adhesive on the back of the photos when you set them on the paper, then Mod Podge Matte glue should be good (I use it sometimes). You can find it at Wal-Mart.

Or like TinkFreak said, go to a dollar store, there should be some pretty good things to use there :).

Best of luck with your scrapbook!
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thanks so much !
i finsihed my scrapbook
and it's looks great !

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