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Username Post: Scrapbook as Record of Christmas Ornaments        (Topic#1490513)
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most ribbon IS safe. I use it ALL the time!

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Oh how wonderful that watery fun album sounds. I'm sure it brings smiles to the faces of everyone who looks at it. That's whats so great about allowing your creative juices to flow. So many new ideas develope along the way. Christmastree would do well to just keep it simple and allow her own creative juices to flow as well. She might be pleasantly surprised as to what developes. TFS I enjoyed it.

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It is fun and it happened by accident. We've got photos of my mil first visit to South Padre, and its wonderful - She said "I never thought I'd see the ocean" and when someone told her "it's just the gulf", she said "if I can't see across it, it's an ocean." Scrapping is wonderful, and I think this ornament album is an excellent idea. And there's a post on here somewhere where someone is making an album using two pages per month for a year. I may do that one - we've had an eventful last 2 months of 2008.

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Wow this is a wonderfully ambitious idea. Good luck with it. All the advice you've gotten is wonderful and I can't add anything else but just want to say have fun with it and I hope you will share some pages with us.
I view my ornaments as a collection, using the same ones each year and adding to them. I've taken lots of photos of them on the tree and every year I am going to do some scrapbook layouts and so far I have done ONE layout. This year I took a movie of my's not very good but it was fun and during the year I can look at it cuz I hate that I can only enjoy my Christmas stuff for about 6 weeks out of the year, if that.
That's why I want to document the ornaments too. Now I feel all inspired. I won't do it on the grand scale you're thinking but I will do some now after reading all this. Great inspiration and awesome ideas!

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