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  • IzzyB on 03-13-09 09:35 AM

Hi I am new to scrapping and have never used my own handwriting on a layout. I always admire it when others do b/c I think it personalizes the page so much more, even if your handwriting isn't so great (um, that would be me!)

I want to scrap a 2-page layout that will have pics on the R page and a love letter to my baby on the L. The letter will be kind of long, I think. I haven't written it yet.

What kind of pen should I use for a letter like this? I've never bought any scrapping pen but I'm guessing that I will want to use a scrap pen that writes more or less like a regular pen to give it an authentic feel.

I will draft the letter in Word, then handwrite it on the patterned paper , then put the paper on the layout. That way, if I mess up, the paper won't already be stuck to the layout.

Thanks in advance.

Tina scraps
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Tina scraps
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There's any number of pens you can use for journaling, such as ZIG . They pretty much write like a pen, but their archival safe, etc.

I haven't tried it yet myself, but the site will actually take your handwriting and turn it into a font, I think its only $10. That way its still personal, but less errors on your page!

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I often have lots of handwritten journaling on my layouts. You'll definitely want a good archival scrapbooking pen for the task. My favorites are ZIG and American Crafts . I like the .05 for most journaling, though sometimes I go smaller or larger.

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I agree - a .05 ZIG works really well for lots of journaling.

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I use regular fine liners by BIC, they come in all sorts of colors and shades in a 0.5 milimeters size. I have not yet had a problem with them re. archiving them. Only thing is, they need a few seconds to dry when yer just writing and when yer coloring they need a few more seconds longer. So when yer writing, have to remind yerself to not go over it with yer hand.

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