Username Post: Sharpie Discontinues Water Based Paint Pens--Let's get them back!!        (Topic#1498889)
Jennifer Priest
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Jennifer Priest

A friend shared this with me and I am passing it on here:

Kelly Kilmer wrote:
> As I've mentioned before, Sharpie WATER BASED poster paint pens have
> been discontinued. I thought of having a write in campaign to protest.
> I've been going back and forth with various people regarding the
> Sharpie waterbased poster paint pens.
> Lynn from AZ spoke with several people (as have I) at Sanford and this
> is what we've been told is best. Instead of a letter writing campaign,
> CALL. CALL Sanford.
> The number you need to phone is 800-323-0749 Ext. 1410 This is the
> direct # for the consumer affairs department. They will forward your
> calls and information directly to the department that makes the
> decisions regarding products.
> The key points-
> The pens are discontinued and there is no other substitute on the market.
> You need to specifically mention the WATER based poster paint pens and
> that you do not like the oil based pens.
> The pens were never marketed very well. Most folk did not know that
> they were available. I go to ******** Blick on an almost weekly basis
> buying product for workshops and they NEVER had the pens in the
> store-they had ONE pen-literally, ONE pen. When I did see the pens,
> they would sell out quickly as most people would buy not just one but
> three or four at a time.
> It was hard to find the extra fine black and white pens.
> The water based sharpie poster paint pen is one of the few pens that
> writes on acrylic.
> There IS demand for these pens. They need to look at the out cry on
> the various boards about these pens being discontinued.
> I've tried other pens and they just don't cut it like the water based
> sharpie poster paint pens do.
> They do give you one company to order from who still has the pens in
> stock-
> Hope this helps all of us!!! Please feel free to pass this information
> along.
> Thanks,
> Kelly

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In response to Jennifer Priest

I am going to go look at that site right now...I love these pens!!! Had not idea why I couldn't find them anymore!!!

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