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I feel the same way Home Is My Haven feels. I had seen a show on scrapbooking and I saw those pages and books that were done. I had so many pics of my children in a box, I felt how cool, to put those pics together into such adorable books and the memories that they can enjoy looking at.
I now have a grandson who will be 2yrs.and I don't want the box to come out for his pics.
I just don't know how to start..I look at all the stuff and I am a complete blank.

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In response to Teresa A.

I am probably not one to give advice, but.....I think we all feel this way at first, more or less. We just have to jump in and start trying, or we won't learn. In the beginning, I think we should keep it pretty simple, but some of the nicest layouts and cards I've seen are just that -simple.

Have you looked through galleries and gotten an idea of which colors, styles, or techniques you like? You can always use those as a template and try to re-create something similar. (Again, I'd keep it simple!)

Would you consider taking classes?

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Sketches are a great place to start if you aren't sure what you're doing, because they show you where to put the pictures and title, sometimes also patterned paper and embellishment placement, so all that work is done for you. I think the Becky Higgins sketches are best for beginners because they're a lot simpler than other sketches. There used to be an archive of them on the Creating Keepsakes Magazine website, but that place is a mess now, they keep re-doing the site. Pick up a current copy of the magazine, it has an insert with about 30 sketches on it. You could also buy one of her books. You can also find great sketches at the Scrapbooks Etc. website and in their magazine, and also at the PageMaps website. There are also books available. These sketches are more complex, but I like them because they show how to combine different papers and where to put the embellishments. (You'll have to google all of these; we aren't allowed to post links to other scrapbook sites.)
I pick out pictures first (start with something simple and fun, not with something important like your grandchild's birth), then some paper that goes with the photos, then I choose a sketch that works with the number of photos I have. Then just relax, have fun, embrace imperfection, and realize that as with any skill it gets easier with practice!

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I felt the same way not too long ago. I'm a newbie to scrapping as well. I found that making a sketch of my page or idea helped a lot. Then I'd buy what I needed for that page and not feel so overwhelmed by the isles and isles of goodies.

Now, I just run all crazy, tongue hanging out, with my buggie down the isles grabbing everything and mowing people over.

I'm sure you've all see me, yes? LOL!

Anywho.. try sketching out what you'd like to say and shop for only that.. sometimes tunnel vision is a good thing.

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Just start. I always advise to start with current photos and keep up with these. Then pick any starting point in the past and start there. Or skip around. Or do theme albums of only birthdays per child or an album of only Christmas photos. Or Family Reunions.

Whatever works for you is what matters.

I'm wired to do chronological pages. So I have 3 years going right now, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Just have to make the time to do it.

And if doing big albums is too scary, start with a small album like a 6x6 or 8x8. Make yourself a brag book of your grandson. Just for you. Not to please or wow anyone. Just for your fun and enjoyment. Surely, you can please yourself, right?

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a great way to start or get a lot of pics dealt with quickly is to do a scrapbook photo album... just slide some mats behind the pics, add a few embellies, do some journaling in its own section or below the pic or group of pics and not worry about it... maybe start with something small like a vaction- figure out how many pics you want to scrap from that and go from there.

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Do you know anyone who scrapbooks? I've never met a scrapbooker that didn't love to share their knowledge on scrapbooking with others. I got started with my SIL and some friends who showed me how to begin. If you don't know anyone, maybe there is a local store that offers some type of classes, workshops, or crops to help you get started. There can be a lot to learn in this hobby, but it's not hard to do. You basically want to organize your photos on a page of coordinating paper. You can mat the photos or not. You can add a title with letter stickers, die cuts, or printed off the computer. Start with some simple embellishments such as stickers that fit the occasion of the photos, a little ribbon, flowers, or buttons. And don't forget to add journaling - just a few lines that document the occasion. Invest in a good paper trimmer - don't try to cut straight lines with a pair of scissors like I did! And make sure your supplies are acid free. Good luck!

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