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Tara D.
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Tara D.

Hey ladies! I am taking part in an overnight crop this weekend. I was asked by the hostess to help out with a game or 2. Does anyone have a great scrapbook/paper crafter related game that you would be willing to share with me...?
please, please, please

Nancy Keslin
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Nancy Keslin
In response to Tara D.

I just co-hosted a 4 day crop and these were some of the things I have done before.

You could do a game where you ask for an odd item that someone might have in their you have a lilac button, green and white striped ribbon...that type of thing.

You could do a challege where you give everyone the same elements and have them create a project. I had received 10 identical card kits from and we had 10 people....everyone got the same envelope and blank card...see what they came up with. We had a vote and that person won a prize.

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  • j3Mel on 05-04-09 10:20 AM
In response to Nancy Keslin

you can have a traveling "complete marker" everytime somebody completes a layout, it travels to their scrap spot. Set a timer and whenever the timer goes off, whoever has the marker wins a prize.

Have a grab bag game. Have grab bags of embellishments with at least one thing in the bag being unusual. Everybody gets a bag without knowing what is in it and has to complete a layout using all the embellishments then vote on a winner.

Round robin: anybody that wants to participate picks picture/pictures and background paper and lays it on a table. You then set a timer for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes everybody shifts around the table to a different layout and works on their new "position" for 10 minutes. Each person has to add something to the layout from their own supply when they shift!!

Tara D.
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Tara D.
In response to j3Mel

Thanks ladies! Anyone else?

Cupcakes for Chloe
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Cupcakes for Chloe
In response to Tara D.

Its not really a game but at the crop I hosted I went and bought those composition books for everyone and then each person decorated one and then we numbered them and put all the numbers in a bowl and everybody picked one and they got which ever one was that number, unless it was their number of course! It was fun and everybody got a gift!

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u could play the purse game.. you play at bridal showers but instead of their purse you have to have it in your scrap bag ask for things every ones going to have deco sissors and then make it harder 1st aid kit pony tale holder youll be shocked by the things they will have!

Meredith Shepherd
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Meredith Shepherd
In response to sankie1987


Seems you posted this question just over a year ago - so hope you had a great crop!!! You should tell us all what you ended up doing.

For others looking for fun scrapbook crop games I thought I'd share a few from my Sunshine Scrappers crop club in central Florida and direct you to my website, for even more crop plans, game ideas and theme ideas for your crops:

For unique and creative scrapbook games you might want to purchase the Scrap Therapy Crop scrapbook party at Key Lime Crops. As the theme implies, activites at this crop focus on our tendency to be addicted to scrapbook:

Discover the 12x12-step program for scrapbook addicts! Laugh with hysteria while you play the Funny Farm game, discover the depth of your illness by participating in the addiction evaluation survey, and make a darling Scrapbook Addict’s Key Chain or Checkbook Cover. (all the instructions and handouts are included - and there are many other "not-so-ordinary" crop games included in each crop)

Here's some of the standard games listed in the "Crop Games" article from my local crop club yahoo group:


*SCRAPPY*-our group favorite.
Items: Stuffed Bear (Build A Bear “Scrappy” in our case) and a timer.
What we do is pass the someone has completed a pg. (including journaling) they yell "SCRAPPY" and you toss them the bear. When the timer goes off, whoever has SCRAPPY wins. You set the timer for random times...10,20,30 mins. No one can see the timer. Whoever has the most SCRAPPYS at the end of the crop wins. This allows us to have fun while getting pages done. ** This is especially good for those who don't like to play games or be interrupted during crop time. They don't seem to mind. **

*Least Amount of pages Prize*

Buy a cheap tote bag (we use a photo bag bought at Michael's, Joann's, Wal-Mart or bed, Bath & Beyond) *Write "I went to a crop, and all I got was a lousy bag of " SCRAPS" * then put scrap paper into the tote/bag. I got the idea from the CK MB. This could go with "SCRAPPY".

*Scrapbook Trivia Questions Game*

~Who DID NOT arrive with a rolling tote?
~Who can show me a sunflower punch?
~Who has a pencil sharpener?
~Who brought a Christmas Album (or Travel album)?
~Who has a dictionary or a laptop?
~What does CTMH stand for?
~Name the sb magazine that are left.
~Name a current scrapbooking company.
~Name a local scrapbook Store.
~Name two basic scrapbooking tools.
~Is there such a thing as a chalk eraser in chalking?
**Feel free to add to these or change up the questions.

*Brown Bag Game*
You need 8-10 brown lunch bags and 8-10 sb items (no scissors). Number the bags 1-8 or 1-10. Place a sb item in all the item per bag. then staple the bags at the top. Now have everyone number they're paper 1-8 or 1-10. Pass the bags around. They have to feel the bag to guess the items. Whoever guesses the most right wins. This is a great game for newbies. They can learn new items this way... Items for the bag can be...chalks, ink pad, rubberstamp, tape runner, xyron 150, etc.

*Memory Game*~ get a tray and fill it with 25-30 sb items. Give the girls one min. to look at the tray. Then cover the tray and have them write down as many items as they can remember. Whoever remembers the most wins.

*Scavenger Hunt*~ in your seat with your stuff. Whoever has the most wins...You have to show the items.

~Who brought BH's CC 2?
~Who owns a QK?
~Who has Bazzill cardstock?
~Who has scrapped a Disney pg.?
~Who has used acrylic stamps on a pg.?
~Did you bring a Travel/vacation album?
~Who has an inkpad?
~Who has sewn or stitched a page?
~Who has an ott light?
~Who has scrapped a military pg.?
~Who has a crop-a-dile?
~Who has been scrapping for more than 10 yrs.?
~Who has “flowers”?
~Who has scrapped a Soccer pg.?
~Who has scrapped a scrapbook crop pg.?
~Who doesn't have METAL embellishments?
~Do you have a historical page?
~Do you have a stapler?

*Door Prizes* ~ Prize for:
Who traveled the farthest to get here?
Who's been scrapbooking the longest?
Name three sb products.
To win a door prize you can place a sticker under a plate, cup chair, etc. and whoever has that sticker wins a door prize.
Another way to win a door prize is the first person to arrive gets a gift, or the fifth person. The ideas are endless.

*Page Theme game*~ write down a few page topics a day at the beach, a trip to Disney, Christmas morning, first day of school, first hair cut...whoever can show you the most pgs. on each topic wins.

*A-Z game~ have each girl write down sb'ing items starting with the letters of the alphabet. Ex. A) album B) buddy binder C) Crops D) die cut E) embellishments and so on...whoever has the most wins.

*Behind your back game~ Give each girl a square piece of paper. They have 30 seconds to make a heart out of the square. But they do this with their hands behind their backs. You get some interesting "hearts".

*Pricing Game~ Make a list of scrapbooking item and pass them out to each girl. The write down how much they think each item is. Whoever gets the most right wins. You will have the answers to the list.

*Name that website~ Write down as many scrapbooking/stamping/pho to websites you can think of. Whoever has the most wins. The websites can be shopping site or informative sites. Everyone will learn about more websites available to them.

*Name that Doll~ Get some plain paperkins or paper dolls from Sizzix. Each girl gets a plain body. Each girl decorates a body to make a celeb of their choice. Ex. Prince, Elvis, Martha Stewart, etc. then vote who has the best one and if they can guess "whom" the celeb is.

*SCRAPBOOK BINGO~ *(thank you ladies from the CKMB and 2peas! this one is great) *I have a standard BINGO card with 24 squares (the middle is the freebie). I list the words on the back and allow my girls to fill it in however they want before they start cropping. To Play: Each time you do one of the things listed above, mark it off.
When you get 5 in a row (up, down, or diagonal) yell BINGO and you win! Here are the words I use:

Hidden journaling
Hand journaling
Ribbon or fiber
Brad or Tack
Foam Stamps
Monthly Kit
Scrap lift of me
Becky Higgins Sketch
Metal Embellishment
Safety pin
Stencil letter
Paper Clip
Scrap an event from the past 3 months.
Journaling in your own handwriting
List/bullet journaling, conversation journaling
Create a card using your scraps from a layout
Use a paper piecing
Sticker letters for your title
Use lace on your layout
Tear two items on your LO
Use colored pencils
Use something from your stash that you've had for a LONG time

*Necklace Game~ Depending on the theme of your crop will determine the "forbidden word". When all scrappers enter the crop they are given a "necklace". Again, a theme will help in deciding the necklace. Ex. Christmas theme you could place a bell around some ribbon or then relate it to scrapbooking. Pick a forbidden word...maybe shopping (it has to be a word that everyone will use). If you are caught saying the forbidden word that person steals your necklace. Whoever has the most necklaces at the end wins.

*Guess that Scrapbook Celeb: on a scrap piece of paper or an index card write down a scrapbook celeb. (one name on each card) Group up the scrappers (at least three in the group). Give each group the name of the celeb (the paper or the index card) Only one scrapper in the group can't see the name of the celeb. The person who doesn't know the celeb will have to ask questions to guess that celeb. The others can only answer with yes or no. See how long it takes to guess the celeb. The person with the LEAST amount of guesses wins.

Name the Manufacturer: get 5-10 scrapbook items. Number each. Hold up each item and the person has to name that products manufacturer. Ex. ~hold up a piece of bazzill cs. They guess who makes it. ~another ex. ~hold up a metal plaque by Making Memories. The person who can guess the most wins. **NOTE~You can use the items from the memory game and make 2 games out of one.

The Ugliest Paper: Vote on who has the ugliest paper in their stash.

Hope these ideas help! - Invite me to your next crop - Key Lime Meredith

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