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Does anyone know anything about Gel-a-tins Gelly Super glitter embossing powders? I haven't tried embossing yet but plan to get myself hooked up with some supplies by the end of the month. Thanks!

Nancy Keslin
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Nancy Keslin
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I haven't used the Gel-a-tins ones, but I just got the new Zing from American Crafts and am loving it. It also comes in
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Diva Scraps
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Diva Scraps
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I've used the gelly powders and havent had any problems with them. They're a bit more pricey than the average embossing powder...nothing super spectacular for the extra money...but they'r enot bad either. Any embossing powder you buy, just pick it up and shake it...make sure it isn't too clumpy. If it is, chances are it is very old or it may have been exposed to a little too much heat.

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