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Was just curious as to how you all store your finished layouts. I'm going to assume scrapbooks, but do you use the plastic sleeves? And if you do use those, what happens if you have flowers and such on your lo's, do they get crushed??


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I use top loading page protectors with all sorts of lumpy embellishments. Make sure you store your albums standing up, not stacked flat. Also, if you have lumpy bumpy pages use spacers (cardboard or foam thin strips) on your posts between every few pages so the spine of the book is the same width as the middle of your book. That will help you to not crush everything.

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  • catey on 06-08-09 02:48 PM
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I just use regular albums with regular page protectors. It won't mess up any embellishments that you have on your pages, but like scraprabbit said, just store them standing up, so you don't take any chances. I personally like the We R Memory Keepers and KMA 12x12 albums and page protectors. But, if you wanted to decorate the outside of your album, then you could use American Craft 12x12 albums and page protectors. Just make sure that you get the right page protectors for the album. If you have any questions with that, you can email our customer service (just go to this link:, and they would be happy to help you with that. Hope that helps.

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I do the same (regular albums, standing upright), although I have one REALLY lumpy/bumpy LO that I intend to get a frame for in order to hang (just haven't gotten that far). When There's a LO that I know I want to use as home decor versus in a scrapbook, I just don't worry how thick they'll get and whether it'll fit into a protector. I just go with it then.

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most of my stuff doesn't crush, though I have some ribbon that I sort of twisted and looped that crushes,,,,,

some of my REALLY lumpy stuff that I just did, I am going to frame,,,,,I used silk roses etc`, and it's just too lumpy to fit in an album,,,

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I put all my LOs in page protectors in a single scrapbook (working on breaking them into smaller books) that weighs well over 10 lbs and the only thing I've had get crushed was a self made quilled embellishment that I should have made better in the first place. My paper flowers have all stood up to the pressure and retained their shape and dimension well. My ribbon bows look a bit pressed and I'm sure loose or twisted ribbon would flatten out badly.

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