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I'm planning on starting, finally!!, a 12x12 album about a trip I went on around the USA in 1999, at the end of my year as an aupair.

I joined the tour in Chicago, where I was living by then, and we visited places like Badlands, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Las Vegas, San Francisco, L.A., etc we also held a farewell party,...

I'd appreciate any kind of ideas, tips, examples, etc

I'm thinking about using kraft cardstock as a base since it's a great color to combine with both earthy colors (for the national parks) and brighter ones (for the other kind of cities and parties), what do you think??

Any other way to unify the album??

HELP ME, please


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If it were me, I'd divide up the layouts by location and use colors and themes based on the photos of each place. I'm big on title pages, so I make intro pages to each thing I scrapbook.

So if I were to scrapbook Seattle, for example, I'd do an intro to it with a journaling descripton and a photo or two, then do the rest of my pictures with the same colors and themes that I used on the intro. (Probably green, rain, coffee, etc). Then, on a separate layout, I'd start a different location and follow the same pattern.

Did that make sense?

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Gelidy Gelato
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I have been working on a vacation book for some time now and my biggest advice would be to break your book into smaller sections and then attack each section. It is VERY easy to get overwhelmed but the magnitude of the whole thing.

Each section can be anywhere from 2-6 pages, or if you are brave even more. Never feel like you have to scrap every last photo but also if you want to include something include it! I like to change up each section and use papers & embellishments that match the photos. Continuity is great but I wouldn't focus on it too much. I just shoot for continuity within each section. Your style, tastes, and skills will change as you are making the book so the book will evolve as you make it. and on that your style and tastes will change, don't over buy supplies as you may find yourself saying " rats I bought this stuff and now I have to use it".

PS if you have a lot of photos you may want to include pages that are just for photos or these photo holders that flip.

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