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What basic supplies do I need to get started? What is a good all around size of scrapbook to use--not too big, not too small--and easy to find supplies for? There are soooooooooo many. Thanks for your suggestions.

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12x12 is the most popular size and you can do lots with it. Just the basics - adhesives and a pen to journal. One step futher - paper to mat photos, background color, etc. A personal trimmer is very useful and a quick cutting tool. From there you can build as you discover what you like best and what your budget will allow.

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I agree with everything previously stated but I would add:

Paper Piercer... I can't put mine down!
CutterBee Scissors
Cutting knife with metal ruler
Glue Stick
Glue Pen
A Liquid Glue
Cardstock Pack Original Colors
Stack of Patterned Paper
Acid Free Tape

This is basically what I started with... plus a few other household items that work in place of other tools. Q-tips, Make-up Sponges, Etc. Also if you buy 12x12 paper you can always make it smaller, you buy smaller paper you can't always make it bigger. Save your scraps they come in handy.

As you scrap and learn what your style is you'll know better what tools you'll need or want. If you are on a budget look for most of your tools in the craft department rather than the scrap department. The cutting knife and self healing mat for example are sometimes way cheaper. Cardstock and paper packs are always on sale somewhere. I got my Cutter Bee Scissors at Wal-Mart for $5.00. Glue sticks are a dime a dozen just make sure they are acid free. Paper Piercers come in handy for much more than piercing... I use mine to place small objects, to hold ribbon when making bows and things, to roll paper for quilling, you name it. I use the tape, like scotch tape, to hold certain items down as I cut or emboss... things like that.

I either use a 12x12 or an 8x8, I think it is, for album size. I think they work the best for me at least. You'll choose different types of albums for different themes. Every album calls for a different style sometimes.

Hope this helps.

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I started with 12x12 and still do most of my pages that size. However, I've done several theme or gift albums in smaller sizes and they are a lot quicker/easier to work with. I think it depends mostly on what you want. Do you want lots of albums, or are you looking to put lots of photos on each page.

For example, I can do a one or two page layout in 12x12 and get all my Christmas pictures on there. Or, I could make an entire 8x8 album about Christmas.

Also, don't feel like you have to fill up an entire 12x12 sheet. Sometimes the negative (blank) space is soothing. I have done layouts with only one 4x6 or even smaller photo.

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my very first album was 8 1/2 x 11. that was the ONLY time i used that size. the next one i got was 12x12 and i liked it so much better. 11 years later, i still use 12x12. i do occassionally do an 8x8 or smaller for a particular album, usually a gift. but everything else...12x12.

as for the basics...i think you can get away with just these:
12" paper trimmer
good, small scissors
black fine point marker
adhesive (two kinds--some sort of double sided tape and small glue dots)

for the other 'stuff':
pattern paper (just a few sheets for whatever youre starting with)
a couple embellishment things...ribbon, buttons and brads are all very easy and inexpensive. and if you really like flowers...another easy to use item.

i would say once you get going youll discover all the things you like/dislike and you can go from there. it really is an ever-evolving hobby!

good luck and have fun!!

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  • joogz on 08-12-09 09:16 AM
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My sister picked out stuff for me when I first started buying scrapbooking stuff, even though i wasn't in to it then, but now if I were to start over again I think I would start off with a multi colored cardstock paper pack (you can find them at Wal-Mart for a good price), a paper trimmer, tape runner, some patterned paper, scissors, a good 12x12 album, and lot's of time! LoL...Have a great day!

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  • Jute on 08-12-09 01:04 PM
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I think, too much for me to learn. I think I will look for someone to make scrapbooks for me.

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Jute, don't give up! The learning process is an ongoing process, everyone learns something every day! The only thing you really need to know to scrap is that pictures go on acid free paper and (even this is debatable) you need to "tell the story" by writing something either directly on the page or on a little sheet of paper about the who, what, where of the pic. Thanks really it! The rest is just fluff!

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There are great tips on what to get and how to get started in the beginner forum. Take a deep breath and relax. Don't let it overwhelm you and dive right in. We are here to help each other. Have fun.

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