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i'm on my baby step with scrapbooking. i just want to know what they will use with basic scrapbook before you go to next step . i know it will take a time to build up with more skills to go advance scrapbook. i still consider myself baby step into scrapbook. any idea will helpful for me. thank you for yr time ..

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Here Kitty
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Check out the "Getting Started" thread, it has all that info

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I agree! There are also other great topics to read through as well. Have a great day!

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Some basic supplies are: an album, cardstock, good scissors, a paper trimmer, adhesive, glue dots, and embellishments (i.e. stickers, flowers, etc). You may also want some stamps and stamp pads. Hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.

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You really don't need a lot when you first start. When I started I thought I needed to buy a ton of stuff, most of which I never even ended up using!

I would get a paper trimmer, some cardstock and patterned paper (you can get packs of different colors of cardstock and patterned paper in packs or individual sheets like when J's has them on sale 5 for $1.), some adhesive (make sure it's acid free), and a good pair of scissors. You also need a good black pen for journaling - again acid free.

After that it's really up to us. I love using flowers (can even be silk ones), buttons, and brads. Have fun and remember you're doing this to preserve memories or express your creativity or both. You don't have to have the latest and greatest products, and you don't have to try to impress anyone. (I had a hard time with both when I started - I thought my pages weren't good enough.) Have fun!

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I started blogging about scrapbooking and I have just covered the basics. I think there are people out there for whom even putting in a brad seems a little mysterious so it's very basic.

I'm going to start posting how-to layouts this weekend, but for now there's just a step by step list of beginning supplies with photos.

Maybe I can help. Send me a private message or comment at the blog if you have questions. I would love the input of a beginner. We could supply each other with ideas!

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you will have lots of fun scrap booking! Just dont let your self become over whelmed.

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