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Bibiana B
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Bibiana B

Hi ladies!

My hubby just got an offer to work in Vegas, we've been there many times but we are wondering if it would be a good place to raise our child, she's 18 mos. now.
I've heard that there's a lot of crime, is that true?
I'm also very concerned about bugs, I hate them, do you have many insects like scorpions or tarantulas? Do you get to see snakes?

I'd really appreciate if you could give me some information about how's life in Vegas.


southern lady
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southern lady
In response to Bibiana B

well where i am at there not alot of crime. i am over by. we do have bugs but not alot you won't seen snake out here. i haven't seen any scorpions or tarantulas out here. i think okay to raise a child out here. i am over by the 95 area going toward reno area and it is nice. i just have to tell you that it gets really hot out here in the summer but the winter fall and spring are nice. i hope that helps you. if you have any question you can pm me

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  • Rae_M on 09-04-09 03:51 PM
In response to southern lady

You will definitely need an exterminator. There are many forclosures and vacant houses that haven't been cleaned and what not, so there is a "water bug" problem here. It depends exactly on where you live, but there are a lot of spiders, not tarantulas though. If you live close to an uninhabited area, there is a chance of seeing snakes, but I have never seen one at the house I live in now.
As far as crime goes, it just depends on what part of town you choose to live in. Henderson has the least amount of crime, it seems.
Hope this helps!

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In response to Rae_M

I also live in Henderson and prefer it. I work at a local police department and see the crime stats all the time. I'd suggest looking into Henderson areas.

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