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I have looked everywhere. I went on a trip to Hollywood this past summer. I want to scrap it. But I am looking for some inspiration for some ideas. Is anyone willing to post photos of hollywood themed pages or products or just ideas for this theme? Thanks

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Sorry, I've not visited HW but I when I think of scrapping the place, I think of deep navy background with shiny gold and silver stars! Silver titles, matting in gold, and lots of journaling about how you felt, what you saw, and why you went there. I guess it probably should be at least a 2-page lo! Maybe more!

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* Hollywood Sign
* Hollywood Tour Of Stars
* Stars, Gold, Bling, Rings
* Sunglasses
* Billboards
* Shopping
* The Beverly Hills Hotel
* Golf, Golf Carts
* Limos, Sports Cars
* Universal Studios
* Theatre, Film, Movie Screen
* Music, Dance
* Old Hollywood/Vintage/Black & White
* L.A., The O.C., The Beach, etc.
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