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Hello to all the NM scrappers! I grew up in NM and now moved to Texas but I wanted to share the scrapbooking program I use with my NMer's!

After doing some serious research I have found THE coolest digital scrapbooking program. High quality products, 100% flexibility for creativity, without the mess on your living room floor!

It is called Heritage Makers. Check out my website -

I just love it. Here is a book that I just made for a little boy I used to babysit - one....

The program is just wonderful. AND if you are looking to make scrapbooking your business there is a huge opportunity with this program. There is only one other person in all of NM that does it! So there is an unreal opportunity for growth in NM. There are no crazy sales minimums or anything. You can really make it what you want. If you want to just earn free products, great, if you want to do it part time, great, or you can make it your full time job. I am just doing it part time alongside my other "real" job and I just love it.

If you are interested in using the program or any of the other opportunities, let me know!

Happy Scrapping!
- Sada

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