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  • fiddy on 10-07-09 11:36 AM

i'm curious what you use to adhere cardstock, photos, embellishments and things like buttons to layouts. ive been using the little roller adhesives that you can buy refills for, and so far they seem to be holding ok, even for ribbon. i accidentally bought some removable though, and that stuff doesnt stick for nothing. what would be a good opportunity to use the removable adhesive? ive tried other things like rubber cement, tacky glue, craft glue sticks, and nothing seems to hold well. although tacky glue works well for buttons. im wondering what is the best, strongest adhesive out there? also, when using papers that are raised or corrogated, whats the best type to use, as the regular roller adhesives dont seem to get a good grip on them.

thanks in advance.

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I use double sided tape for paper, pics. cardstock. I use Anita's tacky glue for buttons and big embellies and I use Xyron150 for title letters, paper embellies.

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I don't think there's one glue that covers everything. I mainly use my beloved ATG 714 for most everything.

For buttons and on top of solid glitter cardstock by DCWV I use glue dots or liquid glues.

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the removable/repositionable adhesive is good if you want to "mask" something and need to be able to remove it later, or if you're testing out your design and don't want it to stick permanently.

I use glue dots for buttons, xyron 150 for ribbon, and kokuyo and/or ATG gun for everything else. they won't be distributing kokuyo anymore though, so once I go through the packs I have, its done.

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I uae glue dots for some things and Xyron for others.

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mad faye
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I am an adhesive junkie...I have a bunch of types for different purposes.

I use either 3L photo tape (works fine for paper as well) or 3L EZ Runners for all my paper adhering needs. I really like their brand of adhesive, never had a problem with things coming loose months or years later. I know I should invest in an ATG but I just haven't brought myself to shell out the cash for one...even though I am sure they are far cheaper in the long run.

For buttons and heavy embellies I use Glue Dots. They are the best, period. I tried Zots once by mistake...big mistake, they just aren't the same.

I also use Tombo Mono for some things like gluing paper to chipboard and for fabrics and felt (felt doesn't like glue dots for some reason).

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I personally like double sided tape for photos, glue (Martha Steward's glue is decent) for cardstock/paper, and glue dots (zots)for embellishements.

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As for repositionable, I only use it in my Zyron X--only by accident because I bought the wrong one, but I won't go back to permanent for it. I mainly use it for my Quickutz letters (and a few other die cuts, and every great once in awhile ribbon), but I like being able to move my letters around as needed, to get things spaced out right.

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I use removable adhesive to hold down an item I am cutting on my glass mat while I am cutting it. While most templates/cutters have rubber feet holders to hold the template firm to the item I am cutting, when I cut circles and such, the center piece almost always manages to find a way to turn. I found that a small snit of reposi helps it stay in place until I am done cutting. I was wipe the adhesive off when done and hit the glass mat with glass cleaner when I am done for the day.

I also use reposi for temporaryily holding items to a layout to ink/paint over them basically creating a mask.

I also use reposi when I am having "questions" about a layout when I am trying to create it. I will use a small snit of reposi to hold it together and then let it sit a day. If in a day the layout hasn't screamed out something needs a change, then I simply lift and hit with permanant.

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Mrs. Gibbs
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ATG & Zots are all I use.

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I LOVE my ATG 714!! I use it for nearly everything. Other then that I use glue dots.

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Castle Scrapper
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For photos, paper, chipboard, I use the AdTech adhesive. For things that need a little more "stick" I use glue dots. For letters or other intricately cut items I use my Xyron.

I always use repositionable of these items and they usually stick well. Textured cardstock and glittered cardstock are the hardest things to adhere to that I deal with. Glue dots usually works with those items.

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