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  • Hev on 11-18-09 08:53 PM

So i see alot of them in peoples pictures of their scraprooms so I am guessing they must be pretty good. There is an Ikea about 2 hours away. And the size I am interested in can be bought online. So from what I can see it looks like scrapbooks and stuff that is 12 x 12 will fit on the shelves. I also saw that they sell boxes and bins that fit in the openings, will 12 x 12 stuff fit in the bins and boxes? The prices are really good, how is the quality? I have the store in style cubes right now with a work top that I got from homedepot. I was planning to get some more cubes and another top when I get to take over the room my scrap area is in. I want some where to put my cricut, cuttlebug, and sizzix, plus some more storage. I see the one I am liking can be used vertically or horizontally. The shelf I am looking at has 8 sections. It would be a lot more cost effective to go with the expedit if 12 x 12 stuff fits.

Also the bygel rails and baskets. They are so inexpensive, are they any good? I have a bunch of the lisa and becky rail system stuff, but it was pretty hard to find when I got it and I have seen people mention the bygel.

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I have the 8 section expedite and i love it, I is roomy enough for my albums and other scrap stuff , I think it measurs like 15 1/4 by 13 1/4 I need to look at the catalog or online to see the exact measurments, but like I said, I like it and it seems sturdy enough for my needs. The bins they sell for the cube sections are also nice and sturdy. I didn't get any for my expedite. HTH My Expedite By Armygirl

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I just got my Expedit set up in my room. All my 12x12 albums fit, but my Cropper Hopper Vertical paper holders don't. They are just a little bit too high... So I'm leaving them in my other shelves on the other side of the room (kids books' section).

That said, I know that the horizontal paper holders fit in the Expedit. Let me see.. I think this is the one that fits into the Expedit... google it to confirm...
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I want the Expedit 4 cubed to finish off my scrap room. I have other IKEA stuff in there, but this would be nice as well. I don't have room for the other bigger pieces. I do have the big Expedit for the kids' toys... love it. My scrap space is all IKEA stuff almost!! Great organizational things!

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My gf has the bygel rails and baskets in her office and she loves them! I am in a transitional phase with my SB mom moved in so I now share my husbands 'man cave' at the moment until we buy a new house.
However, almost our whole house is IKEA and I love it! My husband is Norwegian, so I fell in love with IKEA by osmosis. LOL!
If you buy online the shipping is horrendous!!! I would definitely dedicate the day to going up and buying it and schlepping it home. I live in Maryland, so driving 2 hrs to an IKEA is not much more than the average commute to work. I to to IKEA every 2 months to pick up Scandinavian groceries and it's about 1.5 hrs away. It's worth it, imo.

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