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Username Post: Plain Old Fashioned Scrapbooks?        (Topic#1521567)
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  • Mary W. Said:
Sorry, can't help you with finding them. But I wanted to share that I recently found one that my father had made when he was a kid in 1948. It was full of magazine and newspaper clippings of actresses and sports articles. It also contained some clippings of his Boy Scout activities and some school stuff. It's a real treasure. All these years he never mentioned that he had a scrapbook (he passed away in October). When I found it I felt an immediate connection to him. I just love old scrapbooks like that, and have a few of my own from when I was a teenager!

LOVE this! Pretty much exactly why I love scrapbooking & will continue to do so!!

Leaving a legacy for the generation to come!

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I love the look and feel of those 'old' scrapbooks- I'm gonna tear my house apart later to find the one my Grandfather gave to me- and I still want a brand new-old one- now!

-kory k

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I have two of those big scrapbooks too. I started one back in 1999. For clippings of my high school days either it be in the darma club or cards I got on my birthday, family pics. I did that up until maybe 2005 and have a second one for 9/11 I thought if I had kids it would be cool to document the things. I find interesting or something majour happened in the world. I started it 2001 but around 2004/05. I stopped doing it but now my grandmother got me back into scrapbooking when. I inheirted some of her family photos.

P.S. my mother even had one of the old scrapbooks from the 60s. It mostly was a memories book her friends would write thing about special memories they had with my mom. She even put some pictures of her or friends school pictures. or poster of her favortie 60s band in there. It still in ok condition after 40+ years. It in a box somewhere downstairs. But it cool to read what my mother old friends use to say about their adventures together as teenagers.

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