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I'm a newbie and I've made a couple of pages and I love them.I have lots of pictures of all kinds of things like family,vacations,baby pics, pets,etc that I have not done yet.I'm not sure if I should put them all in one album or if each album needed it's own theme.Please help.Thanks

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It's your art, you get to choose!!

Personally I don't scrap cronologically, just scrap what I feel like at the moment. The pages just go into the album one behind the other. When one's full, I start another.

Now I did do a tribute mini album for my dog, that one followed a theme.

As far as I'm concerned, it's about having fun.

Others have their own styles. Nothing wrong with that!!


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Personally, I don't really do "theme's", but that is my own deal. Some scrappers do have themes for weddings and stuff, it just depends on what you are going for.

Have fun!

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Gelidy Gelato
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once my albums started exploding from too many pages I had to divide them into sub-themes. That's when I discovered d-ring albums. These albums make it so much easier to move and change the order of pages.
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I only do a few themed albums (i.e. wedding, honeymoon, etc.) but most are in my albums in rough chronological order.

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I have done a couple of theme albums for others, mostly my pages have themes, and I can safely say they are not in any order, I do them when I get to them or when I want to do that particular page. Maybe someday, I'll take the time to put them in order, but I can't see it in the near future. My scrapbooking is to please me, give me a stress release, therapy for what the world throws at me, and to preserve moments of time forever. And that's a big enough task already! lol

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