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Hello, I'm new to scrapbooking, matter of face, I haven't even started yet, right now I'm buying my supplies & I was looking at the martha stewart scrapbook album, which said something like recommended for 'digital photos' what does this mean?

can I still use it for prints I pickup at walgreens & such
sorry if it's a silly question, but as I said, I'm new & learning

Thanks for any & all help

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Welcome to the world of scrapbooking. I am an addict.
I am assuming maybe the plastic film has a different non-glare or matte surface designed specifically for digital photos. Just make sure, the products you use are archival safe. The albums, I like are the three ring binder type. Those type of albums adjust to "fat" embellishments I use. I have used a Martha Stewart album before. It was ok. But unless it is on sale I would not buy one again.

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In my opinion, Creative Memories makes the best albums. They are designed to last forever.

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There are a whole bunch of different type of albums. You should do a little research before you buy one because they can be expensive.

There are postbound (which I believe what Martha Stewarts are but her stuff is a little more expensive). Postbound ablums have two (or three) screws at the spine that hold the top-loading page protectors in and you slide your lo into the page protector. The majority of albums at M's are postbound so there is lots of brand selection. Check the size of the page protectors some are not true 12X12. Also some have an extra edge of plastic between the spine and the area where the page protectors go, that is best.

There are snap n' load from Pioneer (or you can get a coversion pack to change any postbound album into snap n' load. This is my preference. A little easier to use than posts but some people have found it to not be as sturdy.

There are 3-ring. I also like these, the pages are easier to move around but your pages do not lay spine to spine when the book is open. Some people mind, some don't.

There are stap and hinge which the main brand is Creative Memories. I am not a fan of these because the page is held at the spine and then you slid the page protectors onto the page. It makes it difficult to work back to back and to have "lumpy" pages.

Of course, size is important too. 12X12 is the standard but there are all kinds of different sizes!

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