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I have been using the SLICE to cut cardstock and paper, but how can I attempt to use it for pictures. I feel that a person can't even see what is happening to the picture beneath and am afraid of ruining my pictures. Is there a special way to handle cutting pictures with the Slice?
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Jennifer Priest
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Jennifer Priest
In response to JohannaR

I don't have a slice but I have used it before and I imagine it would be the same are using another diecutting machine where you can't exactly see what is happening.

let's say you want to cut a circle from your photo. I would cut a circle out of paper using the Slice to see exactly where it will cut. Then I would use that cutout to help determine where on the mat to place the photo to get it to cut the circle from where you want. Definitely use copies of your pics until you get what you want. hth

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Thats how i do it with my cricut too!
i use a sheet of printer pp, cut the circle the size i want, lift the corner of the pp, place my pic under the cut circle how i want it centered and just recut! works perfect every time!

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I haven't cut a picture in ages, but I've heard others recommend not to use your original...just in case.

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I haven't done it, but what the other posters are saying makes sense. I believe they have a video on the website that shows you how to cut pics with your slice.

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