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Mainly right now I am trying to see if I need to buy the cricut.. Yes I want it but I do not want it to become yet another product I let gather dust.

I have been reading and looking at cards and layouts that people made using the cricut.

My problem is I'm not really sure it's my style.. I tend to be a bit more messy in my style. I also know I would NEVER use a cut out like the Spongebob or a monkey. I'm not big on flowers. Which really seems to be the majority of what I see done with the cricut.

I was wondering if anyone has any examples that are not quite this way..I had seen and commented on a page that used the cricut to cut out a frame.. which peaked my interest. I was thinking that my main use would be some title work, flourishes, swirls,"paper lace".. I dunno if there is a paper lace but I was thinking like a doily..

So also after seeing this forum and reading up on SCAL.. now I have even more research to do before I commit to this machine.. lol

Thank you for any info or advice you may have to offer in advance..

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Mix-on the Memories
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I love my Cricut, and it sounds like you will want SCAL. I have SCAL and love it. With SCAL you will be able to design your own images. I do not buy too many carts with Fonts.

The are a lot of people who have the Cricut with SCAL that don't even buy Carts.

I also has the Design Studio and the Gypsy. I love the ablity to use Carts and design my own shapes.

I will say that I think that the Cricut is the best investment that I have made. Here are some of the Carts that I own.
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I will just say that I spent countless hours researching before I took the plunge and bought my Cricut Expressions. I own 5 carts that I rarely use. I have SCAL 2 and there are countless designs and many wonderful people willing to help. This is one thing, that although I don't use it as often as I would like, does get used and I LOVE it!

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I use my cricut maybe once a week, but do alot all at once when I get it out. I make a list of titles or words, designs I need to cut and just do it all , then put the pieces in with the pages or cards they were cut for. Usually I have the papers already picked and put post its onto them with the designs, words or letters I need. I like to do the frames sometimes then use a punch to make my own designs for a special one of a kind page or card. I have a lack of space, so this way I can plan the pages, cut the images and put the machine away, and put my projects together when I have a chance.
I am so happy I got the Expressions machine and feel it has made some of the coolest pages and cards I have ever made. I really like to use stamps with the designe also to kind of make my own unique creations. It's fun and easy! If you get one be sure to let us know how you like it. I had to practice to get the hang of using it, but worth the effort!

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