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OK so I am sooo new to this and I need help. I need to know how you are suppose to attach the cardstock into to binding of the scrapbook?? Is there glue or something I am suppose to use.. Please Help!! I am trying to make a book for my nieces graduation gift...Thank you...

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Hi! Normally there are clear plastic sleaves that you slide the page into. This is fairly standard for both post bound and D-ring scrapbooks. I've never scrapped any other way.

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Have you purchased an album to put your pages in yet?
If yes what kind? As Desi mentioned there are usually page protectors to slip your finished pages into.
I have linked here to two types of albums - a d-ring (like a 3 ring notebook) and a post bound.
Both of these types come with the sheet protectors and you can purchase more of the sheet protectors if you need them.
If neither of these are the kind you have you might have a strap hinge or maybe just a wire bound book with pages already in it similar to the 7 Gypsies one I have linked?
Those are little different.. I don't use the strap hinge at all so no advice. For the other I have just used regular scrapbook adhesvives to attach photos and embellishments to the pages.
Good luck.

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