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I know this may seem ridiculous but I am brand new to scrap booking. I have looked at a lot of you guess books and they are amazing! I do not know where to begin but my crisis is the cover! How do you make the cover? All you guys covers look flawless what do you use to cover the original look of the book? I was looking and I can't tell from the edges that anything was used.I do not mean the decorations I mean the base of the cover is is paper or do you just cover it with the decorations? Please help me!
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For Faithbooking we were to decorate an album and a journal. I found two books that have a damask design in the middle of their covers, Than I added things to them to make them what I wanted to represent the subject. You can see what I did in my gallery as well as my scrapping blog.

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I don't really understand the question.

I use leather-like albums. I don't cover them with anything.

Some albums come with a clear cover you could leave on.

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Where are you finding others' covers that you're looking at? I don't understand what you mean either. I think most people leave the covers of the scrapbooks the way they come.

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Do you mean mini albums? Some are chipboard, acrylic, or anything, even paper bags. Those are covered with paint, ink, paper and embellished.

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