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I am faced with a major dilemma. I started scrapping when our son was born and almost 3 years ago now. All the things that I bought over the first year are slowly dwindling down and need to get more! Not a problem right? Well, after soma problems here at home. (more info in profile) we are now green. Not the crazy tie yourself to a tree, protest in a sit-in type stuff. HECK, I'm a mother! I have not done any of that stuff in at LEAST 14 years. exsist
But now, I need cardstock, embellishments, ribbon and well, let's just face it, I need it all!! I have the DCWV sets already. That's a start but is there no place to go for ALL the other stuff? I love SCRAOBOOK.COM, I do! I looked here and it appears the other recycled papers are all on clearance! Well, you know what that means. Miss Elie Pooh is an option but is there no one-stop shopping for the eco-friendly scrappers? Or am I the only one? .
With all the issues I have I need to do my shopping once and get it done. Over the past few months I have found things here and there. Hunt and Peck is not what I do best. (once again, back to profile on that one). I love to scrap. I do find it IS quite therapeutic! My earth 'oneness' is relatively new (2 years), and we are trying to set an example for our son (yes there are two but the other one is 17..another subject ). I'm tired, I'm sore, and I'm sooooo close to throwing in the towel. I either go crazy and stop scrapping or The Grand Canyon becomes an option.
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One word - digital

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Paper Trunk products!

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Digital is the most "green" answer I can think of too!

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Clearance doesn't necessarily mean they're not going to sell them anymore.
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