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Kozy Scraps
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Kozy Scraps

What brand of pen is good for multi use in scrapbooking and work great for coloring in stamped images for rubber stamping? I have never really had anything but the cheap stuff and now I can get me a good set and I am thinking of getting some, but don’t know what brand to get. Any suggestions?

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I like Zig brand for generalized scraping stuff. The dual tips (fine and broad) make the pens more versitile in my opinion. Plus they come in almost every colour.

For colouring in stamped images? I don't do that too often, but when I do, I generally use watercolour pencils or Glaze and Souffle pens.

I know that a lot of people use and love Copic markers. They are alcohol based and blend very well. However, they are expensive, which is why I've never bought any. I'd love to try them at some point, though.

Pens are an investment! Most LSS's have pens that you can test with prior to purchasing. Do some research first so you're investment will be worth it.


Ami G
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Ami G
  • Ami G on 05-26-10 07:07 AM
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For writing, doodling and journaling, I like the Zig Writers. They have a fine-tip end and a thick end. I also love the white uni-ball Signo pen for writing or doodling on darker cardstock. As for coloring in stamped images, I love Bic Mark-Its and plain old Crayola colored pencils. If you're really into coloring images, though, you may consider investing in Copic markers, as they are the best for blending/coloring.

Hope that helps!

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  • rtay on 05-26-10 07:23 AM
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I love markers and colored pencils and have spent a ton of money over the years..
I now have the prisma colored pencils..once you have used these, it's impossible to go back to the crayola pencils, that I used for years.
Prisma also has markers in a full range of colors that are wonderful also.
I love the Sakura Jelly Roll pens that come in glittered colors...I think they're better than any other metalic pen that I have.
I also love the Zig writes...I don't have a full set, I will just pick up a new color every now and then at M's when I find a color I want.
For white..the Signo Uniball can not be beat by any other pen.
I know eveyone loves the Copics..I didn't have good luck with those..I do so many things that aren't scrapbook related..and they bled thru my paper like a sharpie I gave up the notion of buying more of those.

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I use the Zig also, I love slick writers too cause like someone said they write on anything!

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Zig or Tombow work great as "all purpose." If you really are into coloring stamped images though then I would suggest the Copic Sketch..I guess it really depends on what you plan on using the pens most for.

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