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so i have no idea how long this has been around, maybe a really long time, but i just checked it out and the matchmaker is AMAZING!! it tells you which bbp match your fave pp collections!! then you can come here and buy the colors you need. i just HAD to let everyone know who doesn't already know about this amazing tool. it's just on their website under the match maker tab on top, then you can scroll through all the different pp manufacturers. TOO COOL!

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TFS! I used to have a list of some of the pp's with the Bazzill matches, but I didn't realize they had this on their website. I'll have to check it out!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that sells Bazzill by the sheet again. I always run out of a fave color and so when I order from here I just throw a few sheets of those in with the rest of the order.

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