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I offered to make a scrapbook for my in-laws 50th. I have about 80 picturess dating back to 1960! I am a bit overwhelmed how to create this. Any suggestions?

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scan the photos and make a digital album.
better yet use an online digital album template, check out wedding albums on shutterfly

If you absoluetely have to make a few pages using traditional materials, do that... make a FEW pages.
But do the vast majority of the album digitally.

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  • Kels on 07-01-10 12:55 PM
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You may want to work with a kit - that way you have all (or most) of the materials you'll need right at your disposal and you won't "overspend" or get overwhelmed with all kinds of possibilities... helps me keep my focus

Here are a couple I'd recommend for the 50th:

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  • j3Mel on 07-01-10 01:08 PM
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I would say above all keep it simple.....and leave room for journaling....journaling is so very important on older pictures.

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I'd use a kit or a line of pp and embellies. Makes for a cohesive album and makes your job simpler. Or you might just shop for a few colors and choose from several lines. You could also pick just a few special pps and embellies for one or two very elborate pages.

I've been working on my daughter's wedding album so you can take a look in my gallery and see what I've been doing.

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