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I was about 4 yrs in arrears, and set a goal for myself--buy nothing new, whittle the stash down to manageable, and get this done so I can scrap my first baby layouts, even though she is now closer to 2 than 1.

I pulled a bunch of Christmas photos together and didn't think to much about how they would organize themselves into my existing albums--well, so when I got it all pulled together I started with 2 panorama page protectors (used the outer two for a major title and a grand journal) The inside became a four page layout, then I used one of the C-Line Shutter protectors. They have two .5 shutters that spread to make a full sized page with two, two sided shutters. From there I needed to add additional single page protectors, and called it a wrap. I would be lost without all the different page options I can get with these protectors, and they really make opening a big layout fun to move through and through again. The only down side is that if a non-scrapper browsed through the layout you need to make sure you do the re-folding to make everything fit back right without creasing the pages. Oh, what I hate to have happening is that I am one page short for a complete layout. So to fix that I added a page of some of my family's favorite holiday recipes.

I visited our own store and found that they do in fact carry several of the options I am using, but I'm not quite sure how to link to them but I'll give it a try.

Thanks for listening.

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I've never seen such page protectors before,,,,NEAT!

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I used those before when I did an album of our trip to Germany. They're a lot of fun, like you said, although I did find that some people didn't realize what to do until I showed them! That was kind of weird. Using a recipe or two instead was a great idea!

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