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My husband just surprised me with a Pazzles Inspiration for my birthday. I wont have it for another week or so, but I wanted to start creating some files now. I have extensive computer graphic skills, so I was wondering if anyone can tell me what files the Pazzles software will import? Can I use my own vector graphics? Do I have to use their software to "trace" the stuff that I import? Any info would be apreciated. Mostly I am excited and I want to get creating now because I can't wait!

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Ms. Fit
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I can't give you a list of different formats that it will accept, but I do know it will take jpeg's. I just did a scanned free-hand drawing for DH that he had saved as a jpeg for one of his art projects. All I had to do was vectorize it and then it was ready to cut. Just try whatever format you are using and see if it will work. In regard to your 2nd question, it seems to me that vectorized is vectorized so it would be reasonable to think you could use your own. Give it a try and then let us all know how it works out. Thanks goodness for this forum as it's the only one I know of.

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