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Trying to decide on a cutter. Rather than posting in each of the individual forums, I thought I could ask my question here:

One of my main needs for a cutting machine is to cut out craft items for children's church. I could need to make a lot of duplicate small craft items per week. Say I wanted to make a Sheep that was black and white (outlined and drawn face), and cut out. What's the best machine/way to do this? One w/ a pen, or print on cardstock and let the cutter then dut it out? I'm looking for some efficiency, but still want flexibility to do lots of other detailed stuff.

I'm thinking swapping and feeding media is going to be the hardest part of the process. I would do mostly cardstock and paper for these high volume items. What machine would facilitate this best? I would think I'd use larger media and do as many as possible per sheet.


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