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And I have a few questions...

It's a "finished" (not raw) chipboard album.

Are there certain specialized items that I will need to use for chipboard albums? I thought that I read somewhere that one should use Modge Podge on it...?

Are there certain materials or items I should avoid using?

Really stupid question, but...since it's a three-ring album, do I need to punch holes in the paper that I adhere onto the chipboard? Or do I just leave that little strip where the rings are unadorned?

Any tips or tricks you can share?


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You can either do strips where the paper does not go up to the holes or punch holes. That is really a personal preference thing based on the page you are doing. Either works, there is no right or wrong way.

You will need some form of adhesive. Mod podge works. As do a variety of other adhesives. If you already have an adhesive in mind, let us know and we can let you know if it works well with chipboard or you can experiment.

Mod podge is sometimes used on the outside on top of everything as a finishing layer. I personally don't like this look so I only do that to chipboard albums that will get a lot of touching (by kids in particular) or other items like cubes that are on a coffee table. If it will be handled a lot, this can help preserve it. Otherwise, if only adults who use care will be touching it, it may not be necessary to seal it this way.

No other real tips. Most of it is just experimenting. You will find what works and what doesn't and if it doesn't work well you can always add layers of embellishments over top to "fix" mistakes.

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I usually adhere pp over the WHOLE page,,,and then go back with my crop a dile and punch the holes again in the same spot,,,do one side at a time so you can use the opposite side as a guide,,,

I agree, not in love with mod podge,,,too sticky,,,I know people who love liquid laminate for this,

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I used zip dry and it seemed to work well. And I covered the whole page and went back and used a hole punch...I think it looked nicer that way.

Just G
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Just G
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i adhered paper over the whole chipboard and just slit the paper where the rings went. If I needed to trim around the holes i used the exacto for that too. I preferred to use adhesive spray or glue dots or tape runner to adhere it.

I recommend cutting to fit before gluing down.

And if it hangs off the edge of the album chipboard trim as close as you can and then Use sandpaper or a nailfile to make it level. Ink the edges and it's distressed

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I absolutely LOVE these Doodlebug chipboard albums!! I bought them all and have completed two so far.

My method is this: I cut all my pp to fit first, then use a sponge paintbrush to put a thin layer of mod podge on the chipboard. I carefully smooth my pp over the top. I do all the "fronts," and punch a hole where the ring goes through. I then do all the "backs" in the same way, again punching the hole. I do not use mod podge on top of the papers. If I have any overage, I trim it with an exacto knife. Occasionally I will go around the edges with an emery board to sand the rough edges.

With the Doodlebug books, the front page and back page have the grommets, which through me for a loop the first time. I carefully measured the hole placement and cut it from my pp, to make sure it would line up correctly. I'll admit it took a couple of tries to get it just right! I said something about it to a lady at my LSS and she suggested painting or inking just around the grommets, and then using a small circle punch. I didn't really like that idea, because I figured it would be a little messy and tedious to not get any color on the grommets. Then again, probably not any more tedious than it was to measure the hole placement! LOL

Good luck, and I hope you LOVE the Doodlebug albums as much as I do!!

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