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My grandmother will be turning 100 on Oct 7 but, I will be giving her this scrapbook on Christmas instead and I want it to be special for her.

The only thing is, I have NEVER made a scrapbook before and I have no idea what I'm doing.

I bought myself a scrapbook album the other day and it has 20 pages and that's more then enough I believe.

I bought some pastel paper to use in the album and bought some embellishment stickers.

I've gone through several photo albums of my grandmother in/around 1910 - 1920 or so and now have close to 200 pics to choose from but, my problem is not which of the 200 pics to choose, but, my problem is, how i am going to put this together??

I don't know what to do, or how to do it or anything.

1 thing that I do know is this; I want to title this scrapbook saying something like: "Remember When....... Celebrating 100 years of Family, Life, and Love" - (or say something like that) - I would also like to put in funky, or funny phrases from each decade and write them on a few pages like what gas cost in 1910, or how much a loaf of bread costs or who the president was when she was born in 1910 and diff things like that.

Other then those 2 things, I am at a complete loss as to what to do. Please Help me?!? I really want to make this scrapbook as a memory for my grandma, something special of her, her kids and of her late husband. Before my grandfather died almost 5 yrs ago, they were married for 68 years and I'd love to somehow incorporate that into it w/o making her really cry but, i don't know.

Can anyone give me any suggestions or ideas or where I can find these funky ideas/sayings that I can put on a few pages for each decade.

I'd appreciate ANY help, suggestions, advice as to what I can do or how I can put this together.

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Wow what a huge thing to commemorate, that is a great idea!

I've used this site a few times to get facts from different years when doing heritage pages:

You could use the facts from each decade as a theme for the album, do 2 page spread for each decade and find a fun way to incorporate the facts into your pages. Use tags to jot down a few facts from each time period.

Be sure to check out the gallery here, you can do a search for any specific key words you are interested in or just poke through to get inspiration. But whatever you do I'm sure you're grandmother will be so touched by your thoughtfulness!

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Oh what FUN! Will you be doing heritage pages??? If so, there's heritage/vintage paper you can buy,,,,,you can also "distress" the edges of the paper easily with distress ink or chalk inks,,,,,just run the edge of the paper along the raised ink pad, curl or distress the edges a bit more with scissors or an emery board,,,,,

with heritage pages, I also like to use lots of lace, pearls, stick pins (easily made with pins and beads from the jewelry department), prima roses, etc! Another fav thing to do is to paint a chipboard frame with crackle paint and ink the crackles so it looks really old! Tim Holtz also makes some fabulous metal embellishments that look AMAZING on heritage and vintage Lo's

Oh boy are you gonna have fun!
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Here on this site under resources, There's help with all sorts of sayings, poems etc...

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That is such a fun & thoughtful idea for a present! I'm sure she will greatly appreciate it!

I definitely like the "heritage book" idea. I LOVE Tim Holtz's distressing inks. The Walnut color is my favorite. I would probably use it everywhere on each page!

To get facts about life while your grandma was growing up, I would just google the year and what you want to know (ie: 1920 food prices, etc.). I'm sure there are lots of resources on the internet that could help--maybe even find pictures of places she lived at the time that you don't have.

This website also has tons of resources for quotes and poems, and such. You can also search through the gallery for page ideas. Try searching "Heritage" in the gallery. I frequently use it to get ideas for my books.

An easy way to organize the book is chronologically. Group the pictures based on the year / age and then pick which ones you want to use for the pages.

My advice for the pages is to pick whatever pictures you want for a page and let them determine how you decorate the page, while keeping the focus on the pictures. The pages don't have to be fancy and expensive to be beautiful.

Another fun idea would be to see if you can slyly get stories from her about her childhood and then you can include them in the book. I'm sure your entire family would love and appreciate it.

Best of luck. I'm sure it will be beautiful and your grandmother will love it! And feel free to upload pictures of it to this site so you can show off your mad new skills!

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You are very fortunate to celebrate such an awesome birthday! I hope my grandfather is around 'till he's that age. I'd love to do something like this for him.
My suggestion would be to have the same design for all the pages. For example if the layout of your scrapbook page has the photos in the center horizontally then all the photos of the LO will be that way. Then you can embellish around them anyway you want. I do mini books this way and it helps me not to have to come up with ten or different designs for each page. Hope that helps and have fun!

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I've made a few books as gifts that chronical someone's life. I found it easiest to do themed pages: The person as an infant/child
Role as mother - pics of and or with children
Role as child - pics of and with parents
Role as sibling
Special holiday pics
I have a page of my sister with all of her hair styles through the past 50 years.
Page of and/or with friends
Homes lived in

take a couple of days going through layouts in the gallery on this site. Save favorites. It's a GREAT way to learn.

Have fun! No matter how you make the book, it's going to be VERY special!

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I made an album for my Mom's 80th bday a number of years ago. Except for some very early pictures, I didn't necessarily do the book chronologically. Instead, I did a page of:

pics of her and her grandkids
pics of grandpa and kids
pics of grandma and grandpa together
pics of weddings (hers, mine, my sister and brothers, etc.)
one page for each sibling
one page for each grandkid
pics of my Dad and the uncles in uniform (they all served in WWII)
pics of the sibs all together
pics of cousins

you get the idea ...

It made it a little easier to organize and then I didn't have to worry so much if I got the order of events wrong. I also did some journaling in advance, but did the rest with my Mom after I gave her the album.

Let us know if you need more tips. I know it can be overwhelming, but it's an awesome gift!!!

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I research a website to find out how to make an album for my Mom's 80th Bday celebration which happened in July and saw many great ideas, thank you. Now I am ready to get started, hope Mom likes what I created. Thanks to all who posted comments to sk8brdkd.

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