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I was wondering how to store the paint dabbers once they have been used. Should I rinse the sponge applicator out with water then replace the cap and store? What do you suggest. thank you for your help. Chris

  • Anonymous on 11-23-10 06:08 AM
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I'm glad you asked this question. I just bought some and was wondering the same thing - if they were washable or if they were throw aways. I hadn't gotten far enough to read the package.

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You don't have to rinse the cap out. Just make sure that the lid is on tightly and it won't dry out. They work the same as the Ranger paint daubers.

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On Tim Holtz's website he has a good demo on the ranger paint dabbers called Adirondack Paint Dabber Resist. In the beggining of the video he goes through a couple of tips when it comes to the dabbers. I'm guessing the Jenni Bowlin dabbers and Adirondack dabbers are the same.

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