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I have wallet size photos of my SO's son and daughter from Kindergarten thru Senior high pics that I want to turn into a nice display in a 12 by 12 frame what embellishments/layout etc can people suggest? Any layout pics? HELP!!!!!

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Here’s a few that I’ve made, although they may not include enough photos on each LO to get at your idea:
So Stinkin Ornery By Siameseplease
Missing You By Siameseplease
Bring in the clowns By Siameseplease
Two-rrific By Siameseplease

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I once saw a two page layout like this that I loved. They used the wallet size photos from all the school years in a filmstrip looking frames/embellishment. They went from kindergarten all the way through senior year. I can't remember where I saw it and didn't find it in the gallery here doing a search, but here's one that uses the filmstrip thing I'm talking about (only the one I remember seeing wasn't wavy like this, but straight): id=304682...

I've been wanting to do one like that for my son's school years album, and I even got so far as to get the film strip frames. Well, sort of. They kind of found me instead! A friend of mine gave up scrapbooking (who knew someone could do that?) and she gave me a whole bunch of her stuff (die cuts/embellies/etc) and in it were these film strip frames. Looks like they were die cut and I know she used to have a Sizzix so maybe it was a Sizzix die? (Sadly, no, I didn't get any of the Sizzix stuff! ) But, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the film strip frames!

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Yeah, Sizzix has a number of great filmstrip dies. Well, had. They used to carry items for years on end and now seems like they're on a six-month release-to-clearance cycle. Sad, because some of their older stuff is amazing.

If you're particularly looking for something to use as wall art, that makes me think of the 7gypsies printer's trays.

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Love the tray idea!

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