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What scrapbooks do you use? I am starting with one that I've had for a while - don't even remember where I got it, but I have a friend that swears by Creative Memories. I really don't know the difference between any of them.

Also, what do you use to tack your pics and embellishments etc... to your paper? Since I just started I had a craft glue by Martha Stewart, but when I pulled it out the next day to show my bf you could see all the pics were raised from the glue. I have one of those little double sided tape things - maybe that would have been better. If so what tape do you use?

And lastly, where do you all come up with your fabulous ideas? I've check out some threads and am in awe of your work. I am not only new at this, but have never had an artistic bone in my body until recently - and even now I don't think I suddenly developed the artistic bones, I think I just developed some "wanna be" artistic brain cells My bf did art in college (and still does it, but his focus is comic book art and web design) and he was trying to explain some things to me about colors and layering and I was completely lost and frustrated - I like things very clean and organized so I can't always see how things can go together in my head when I don't feel they match, but then I see something someone else did and I am in awe of how great it looks together. So did you all start by getting ideas from books & mags etc.. or do you just naturally come up with this stuff???

Sorry so looooooonnnnnnggggg......
(home studying for an exam - so a bit of procrastination going on )

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Hello there!! I am new to this site but have been scrapbooking for over 9 years now. I am bad with album advice because I really just buy what I can find on sale. But I know a lot of people have albums they just love.

I personally LOVE Glue Dots for tacking down pictures and embellishments. I also have a Scotch ATG (large tape gun) for larger items..which I am also in love with. I also love my Xyron sticker maker, it really helps with those smaller items that are hard to put glue on.

As far as scrapbooking ideas go, I get inspiration from magazines and galleries like the one here. If you are finding the design process a little difficult (which happens to me a lot) try using a sketch or scraplift a design from a layout that you are inspired by. If you are having trouble with color, try buying a color wheel, you will see what colors compliment each other and so on. Also, try buying paper and embellishments from the same manufacture line of products, it will help the matching thing go a bit easier until the "artistic" part of you decides to take over.

You really just have to start..there is no right or wrong when it comes to this hobby. Above all, have fun!!!

Good luck!!

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Hi Michelle!

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What scrapbooks do you use?

I prefer D-ring albums for my day-to-day stuff where I have the potential to be moving pages around, etc. For gift albums, I will buy post-bound albums. I find that they are prettier (typically) and since pages will not be moved around and the album will remain whatever size I originally make it, that the posts are not an issue as they are when you're adding lots of pages, etc.

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Also, what do you use to tack your pics and embellishments etc... to your paper?

I use an ATG now. I love the thing. I only started with it at the beginning of the year, but it has been so much more consistent than any of the other tapes I was using.

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And lastly, where do you all come up with your fabulous ideas?

A lot from the galleries here. And sketch sites (PageMaps, Pencil Lines, Sketch Support to name a few). Plus blogs (I believe there is a blogroll in the first page or two of this forum).

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I also love the American craft albums.

Now -- step away from the glue! Great that you noticed the bumping and raising. I think I use a bottle a day when I first started. You definitely need glue in your scrapbook arsenal -- but not for adhering pics.

I love my Glue glider. Lots of people love the big ATG -- though I'm not a converted fan yet.

And yes -- glue dots are a girls best friend. (there are all types of brands).

As for inspiration -- there is tons here and there are lots of sites & blogs. If you "lift" something -- make sure you give the "artist" credit.

One bit of advice -- if you're doing pages with one of a kind photo's scan them first. In case you don't like how the page comes out.

But just have fun and remember there is no right or wrong. And you'll definitely see your style grow & change over time.

And welcome.
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I also use the D-ring albums b/c I like to use dimensional embellishments and this way the book still lays flat, but I used to use CM albums and I think they are a very high quality product

I am also a Glue Glider Pro fan for regular pics (though I have the pink ATG too and am trying to learn to love it), but I use glue dots for funky embellishments, like chipboard, ribbon, or metal

inspiration? from this site, CK magazine, other scrappers at crops ... feel free to "lift" a design you like ... I do it all the time

Have fun!!!!

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Be careful with the Albums, I bought some on *Sale* at ACMoores and they arent true 12X12 my pages dont fit in them

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  • Belia on 02-25-11 06:20 PM
In response to Lauralny

I use whatever album I find on sale in a pattern that I like. They've all been post-bound, and once my pages are in they're IN.

I use the ATG for most of my adhering, but also glue dots, regular glue, and a Xyron for embellies or oddly-shaped things.

VISIT THE GALLERY! And use the search feature. Just flip though pages, maybe those classified as "Clean & Simple" if it seems like that's your style. I also search a lot by the number of photos featured on the page. I get sooooo many ideas from the gallery.

Good luck and welcome!

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In response to Belia

Welcome Michelle to this wonderful hobby/obsession and to this site!!:)

I prefer post bound. (You slip your pages into clear sleeves when completed.) Creative Memories are 'strap hinge' and you scrap directly on the page and can't switch your pages around if you want to. I have used Pioneer for years but have recently switched to We R Memory Keepers 3 ring and post bound albums. They are really nice, leather, and hold up well. +keeper...

I use Tombow tape runner and glue dots. Have never had a problem with them.

I get inspiration from the galleries of scrapbook message boards, magazines, and sketches.

Looking forward to seeing your work!

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