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I live in a small rinky-dink little town called Polo, which is about 12 miles from Dixon, 40 miles from Rockford and 40 miles from the Wisconsin border. I am also 1 hr. and 15 minutes from the Quad Cities. I go to the Quad Cities quite a bit because I have family down there and so my mom and I will go down and see everybody. But I am more than okay to ditch my family and go to a crop! Is anybody interested in maybe having something this summer?

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I live in Northern Illinois~and actually have heard/know the whereabouts of Polo! I am more familiar with the Sterling/Dixon area.
It is nice to see someone from my neck of the woods on here!


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I live in the Quad Cities. It's nice to know that there are people on here that aren't all that far away!

There is always a ton of crops going on here. Im attending one on July 9th and raises money for cancer research.

Nice to meet you!

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I'm getting ready to move to Dekalb this August to go to Northern Illinois University. My family is excited but its not easy. Is that anywhere near you?

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Hi from DeKalb! I don't leave town much though...

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The Paper Doll House is right outside of DeKalb in Sycamore, IL

If anyone at all, loves to scrapbook, and live in the IL/WI/IA area, you have got to try my favorite place in the world to do that. Contact MaryKim at the Paper Dollhouse and spend a weekend of true pampering, gourmet food and just the coziest place in IL to scrapbook. You will be treated like will NEVER want to leave and believe me you will keep coming back...over and over and over. I have been there 4 times now and plan on going every 5-6 months...It's a great place to escape for a weekend and hang out with our friends. Even if you don't scrapbook, it's a nice relaxing bed and breakfast that serves fantastic food.

I'm not an owner, just a loyal customer that wants to make sure that THE PAPER DOLL HOUSE stays open for years to come. We are losing too many of the great places to scrap. I want to continue to go there every 5-6 months for a very, very long time. IT'S MY HAPPY PLACE!

Just ask for MaryKim and tell her Tori sent you!

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