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Extension posts... To use or not to use? I have two 12x12 postbound scrapbooks that I'd like to combine into one, if possible. It really is one book that I split into two because it got too thick. All of the pages have foam adhesive squares or foam embellishments, which have added to the thickness overall. The covers are popping up! Book 1 has 8 protectors/16 pages, and Book 2 has 7 protectors/14 pages (a total of 30 pages for one book). Yikes!

I've tried no extension posts, 1/2" posts, and 1" posts -- nothing seems to solve the problem. I've expanded the spine -- no luck there. I've taken off the clear album protector (which really needs to stay on, if possible, to protect felt alpha stickers on the front cover) -- also no luck. The covers keep popping up on the two books -- I'd hate to see what would happen if I combined all contents into one book! What am I doing wrong, besides using foam on every page? Too late to fix that. Help, please? One book, two books? Which posts, no posts?

My goal would be to get the spine end to lay as thick as the open end and, hopefully, do it in one book! Thanks for any suggestions!

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You need to use spacers in the binding of your book in order to make it not fan and have the binding as thick as the opening. You can use the cardboard spacers that come with the page protectors or make your own out of foam or cardboard. You will also want to use the longest (but shortest) extension posts you can for the thickness of your pages/album. The less pieces you have that interlock, the sturdier it will be.

The clear cover will likely not fit on. I've never had one fit when I've added any thickness to pages or adding many additional pages (even when keeping the pages flat).

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